Another trailer related accident, a woman dies in a car accident in a trailer carrying an overturned iron load

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PASIR PUTEH – At least one person has been confirmed dead after a trailer carrying an iron load overturned before colliding with a car at Junction 4 near the traffic light in Kampung Dalam Kemunting here today.

Below is a video recording of the accident

The accident, which occurred around 8 am, is believed to have injured more than 10 other road users.

The dead and injured victims were sent to the forensic unit of Tengku Anis Hospital here for further action.

On the other hand, Pasir Putih District Police Chief Superintendent Zyzul Rizal Zakaria, when he met the site, said that more reports will be communicated later after the rescue operation is completed.

“More and more trailers…trucks…on the highway…instead of playing pjg full of speed in the middle lane pavement…drive close to the corners of the car in front speeding even on the narrow road…”- Eliza

“The life of the truck is over…it’s kind of haunted. It can be a killer day. The road. Highway D…the truck..Tereler…looks very scared. Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring a broom truck. If possible, let the truck go.” Elsewhere. The victim’s family might make things easier. Aamiin2 Allahumma Aamiin.” – Wan Mushawah

“I advise truck drivers, to slow down…. I know you will blame the brakes every time there is an accident… tpi, you are responsible here, don’t speed and keep the distance with the car in front of you, the distance between the truck and the car, it is different as the distance between The car and the car” – Phyllis

“This is what happens if enforcement is poor. Trucks with many drivers can renew their licenses, and many trucks can renew road tax. Only those looking for a suit are motorcyclists” – Alf Safwan

“Please, the truck is already moving at night.. in the morning people want to use it.. when an accident occurs, the small car is still sick as a result.. the truck is not as damaged as the car.. or if it is moving in the morning, please do not go quickly “. – Abu

“This trailer truck issue is getting more and more. I don’t know when it will end. I hope the authorities will click on the trailer truck…” – Awang

Watch the video: Please click here

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