Collect Ultra Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks Update 2020
Collect Ultra Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks Update 2020

Collect Ultra Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks Update 2020

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Welcome! how are you? Meet Us Again, which offers a series of tutorials and news about today’s technology and various interesting applications. Well on this occasion, we are going to discuss about Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks which we will discuss in the article below.

Now there are different types of internet packages that we can use and enjoy from Telkomsel, and this year there are many packages tricks from Telkomsel that are very cheap and many bonuses as well.

We can enjoy many interesting Telkomsel promotions starting from 10 rupees, wow that’s very, very cheap, right?

Well this time we are going to discuss some Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks which are very cheap and highly recommended to activate it so keep reading this article.

Collect very cheap Telkomsel internet package tricks

Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks

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1. Telkomsel Tau Lite Internet Package Rp 10

Have you ever received a promotion from Telkomsel stating that you are entitled to a stake of only Rs 10? Well, this is one of the packages from Telkomsel that you can try.

You can try it through the browser on your mobile phone by typing in the search field.

If you are already logged in, the different types of packages available to you will be displayed.

You can also activate it via ussd code on your phone by pressing *363*88# for new customers.

And if you are an old user, you can also use the code * 363 * 808 # Or also with the code * 363 * 88 # .

Telkomsel Internet Package Tricks

2. Telkomsel Flash 32GB Cheap Internet

  1. Enter *363*54# in the contact list
  2. After a while, you will see a lot of online flash options within 30 days.
  3. The menu options include 6 GB for 60 days, 8 GB for 90 days, 12 GB for 150 days and 32 GB for 270 days.
  4. If you are interested, immediately choose the 32-day Internet package of 270 GB. The price itself depends on the selected package.
  5. The more data share you choose, the more impulses you send

3. Telkomsel COMBO 4GB internet package for 15 thousand only

  1. Enter the code *363#
  2. Choose combo 4GB
  3. The message ‘500MB Software Package, 500MB Local Software Package, 2GB Videomax, 1GB Chat, 60 Days Social Media will be purchased INR 15,000’.
  4. Option 1 to buy

4. Cheap internet 2 GB per month

  1. You can enter *363*36# directly.
  2. You will find many internet software packages ranging from 2GB for 3 months, 2GB per month, 800MB per week and 12MB per day.
  3. You will also find other menu options. To check the status, go from the package to the main menu.
  4. If you are interested, you can activate the first option immediately. This is a 2GB plan for 3 months.
  5. Find out now about Lumiaplan’s 90-day subscription. This is a monthly fee of 1 GB 2 GB / 3 GB + 1 GB 3G and is calculated by location.

5. 10GB cheap internet only 36k

  1. Type the code *363*47#
  2. Shows a list of daily plans from 1GB to 10GB that are valid for 3 days
  3. Please choose according to your desires

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6. Telkomsel COMBO Internet Package 6.5GB for only 22k

  1. Enter the code *363#
  2. Choose three combo 6.5 GB
  3. “Buy 500MB, 2GB Local, 2GB Videomax, 2GB Chat, Social Media, 60 Minutes 24 Hours a Day, Rs. 22,000.”
  4. Option 1 to buy

7. 2 GB package only Rs. 1,000

  1. Enter *363*95# and click OK or press the call button
  2. After a while, a new pop-up appears as “Activate 3G/4G 2GB Software Package at Rs 1000”.
  3. After that, enter the number 1 to approve it
  4. Done, wait for confirmation text from 3636

8. 1GB package only Rs 1,000

  1. Enter the area code *363#
  2. Choose another internet
  3. Choose three internet packages
  4. Please select night internet
  5. Choose the internet package that suits your needs

9. The 22 GB package is only IDR 10,000

  1. Enter *363*811# and click OK or press the call button
  2. After a while, a new pop-up appears with the format “Buy flash software package with 22 GB / 7 hours – IDR 10000-”.
  3. Enter 1 to continue
  4. Done, wait for confirmation from 3636

10. Telkomsel Internet Package Bonus

  • *363*50# 1 GB free share
  • *363*65# 3 GB free share
  • *383*88# 500MB quota + Free calls and texts

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This is our full Telkomsel Internet Package Trick review which we explained in this post, you can try it out for a great extra quota at a low price.

Thank you for visiting our website. Check out our other articles, because we offer many tips, tricks, interesting apps, and tutorials on the latest technology. Thanks.

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