Her Twin Pregnancy Turned CEO Into Aholic’s Wife Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 or to be warned of a lawyer

Jane began discussing in detail with William and the other two. “So, Mister Armstrong, you agree to the house transfer, right?” Focus and look at William with eyes full of wisdom. Lawyer Jane had been in the industry for many years, his body full of stern and rational intelligence. William held his hands and nodded with a complicated expression. When Attorney Jane heard this, he said, “Okay.” He checked the property ownership again. There was no problem. He lowered his head and skillfully picked up the knot. There were two copies. Sign and push someone out. Under the gaze of Mia and Charles Johnson, William signed the contract. Attorney Jane got up and politely shook hands with William. He muttered, “I will take back the certificate of title to the property. I will apply for title to the new property. The certificate and hand it over to Mrs. Armstrong.” William’s face was heavy and he did not speak. He just touched his lips and nodded. After leaving the café, Lawyer Jane returns to the Greens group. He went straight to Lucas’ office. Lucas stood with his back in front of him, clearly waiting for him.
“How is the order I gave you?” Lucas asked with his eyes closed. Advocate Jane respectfully lowered his head and said, “William agrees to transfer the two properties to Mrs. Armstrong. I have already done it. However, he does not agree to give up the shares. Mrs. Armstrong is still dealing with this.”
Hearing this, Lucas thought for a while, turned around and commanded, “Still there
Moments when I need you later. You have to cooperate with Mrs. Armstrong with everyone
Your strength and the pursuit of her best rights and interests.” Attorney Jane nodded and agreed to the matter with a serious face. “I will do my best to do it.” At this time, Charles Johnson, Mia and William also returned to the Armstrong family. The three of them had bad expressions and sat on the sofa. Charles Johnson and William were silent. They were clearly thinking about what Emily had just said. “The old woman behind Emily, does she really have any proof? If she really had it, why didn’t she take it early? It might be a hoax! ‘ Mia asked with some doubt.
She snorted and held her head high, her arms crossed. “Is what she said fake?” As Charles Johnson said with some skepticism.
“I can’t guarantee it. As far as I know, Evelyn is a far-sighted woman. She likes to leave an open path to backtracking when she does things. She might have a backup plan. If something is wrong with this, the Armstrong family’s reputation may be damaged.” When Mia heard this, she was completely unprepared and her face was filled with anger.
“Do you really want to give the stock to Emily? I don’t agree!” She frowned, evidently angry. These two homes have truly been given to Emily! Emily did not know how to appreciate services. If you turn down the two million, leave it at that. Arrows should not fall into her hands! William looked at her angrily. “Mia, can’t you say? The Greens group has already made a move! What can we do if we don’t get along? Can we compete with the Greens?” Charles Johnson also saw some clues. The cooperation he had previously agreed to with the Greens group is now unsettled, and the news has not been removed.
It was clear that the Greens had changed their positions. Mia was still not satisfied and wanted to say something, but Charles Johnson stopped her.
At this time, it was best not to provoke her.
Charles Johnson abs. He also didn’t want these things to fall into Emily’s hands. Moreover, stocks were more troublesome than real estate. In the current situation, he couldn’t say anything, so he helplessly waved his hand and said, “Forget about it, we can wait and see it again.” The three looked at each other silently and didn’t say anything else. When Emily came home, Lucy was eagerly waiting for her. “Emily, are you okay? Did they make things difficult for you?” The moment Lucy saw her, she began to ask. Changed her shoes, she said, “It’s okay. I took no losses. I got the house back, but they didn’t give me the shares. I lied to them and said I had proof of illegal possession. They were afraid.”
Her eyes retracted sly like a little fox, clever and charming. Upon hearing this, Lucy still asked, “So what should we do?”
Mia didn’t guess wrong. They didn’t have any evidence on hand. At that time, William was going too far, and no trace had leaked. Even if they found some clues, there was nothing they could do. “We can only find the lawyer who helped William change the agreement at the time,” she muttered. He was the only one who could prove it. As long as they can find him and let him testify, they will have a chance to turn the tables. Lucy sighed. “But he’s already retired. We also don’t know where to find him!” They also thought of looking for it, but found nothing. They had been short of money these years and had been busy with their own affairs, so they didn’t even think about this anymore. Now that many years had passed, they didn’t know if he was still alive. Emily thought for a moment and said helplessly, “I’ll find my childhood friend and see if he can help.” Lucy did not refuse. Emily took out her phone and dialed a number she hadn’t called in several years. “who are you?” A male voice came from the other side. It still looked familiar. Emily sighed and replied, “That’s me.” The person on the other side of the line was dumbfounded for a long while before he spoke. “Do you still remember calling me?”

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