How to Fix GPS Cannot Find Location on Android
How to Fix GPS Cannot Find Location on Android

How to Fix GPS Cannot Find Location on Android

Posted on | How to Fix GPS Cannot Find Location on Android – In this article we will discuss about GPS cannot find the location. GPS is a very important device and a must have on a smartphone. Some people may rarely use this GPS app and not use it to its full potential. Although this GPS helps Android users and travelers to find routes that we haven’t visited. This way it can be easier for the users.

Well, if we have a hard time Setting the GPS which cannot find the location. Now you don’t have to worry, because we are going to show you how to use GPS on your smartphone.

Tips on How to Overcome Android GPS Cannot Find Location

Check the information as below:

  1. The first thing we have to do is activate it first GPS settings On android, by opening ranking Then choose the service Site, then in this section select Menu, use GPS satellites and find location so that the GPS on your Android device is active. But of course there are slight differences in the method depending on each mobile phone, but the settings are not very far.
  2. after, after Android GPS You are active, the next step is to open the application maps. The goal is to determine the exact coordinates of where our location is at the time of its occurrence, by selecting a small button with four small lines around it.
  3. In order for our GPS to easily determine the location, we must be under a bright blue sky. If the location is correct, you will see a small blue dot. But if the circle looks large, this indicates that the location is still inaccurate (inaccurate).

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How to fix the GPS can not find the location

GPS can't find the location How to fix Android GPS signal No accurate location found

A limitation that GPS often encounters is the problem of accuracy in positioning. Sometimes the GPS can’t wrongly give the correct directions, so users get lost. To fix it we can do the following ways:

Check GPS satellites and the Internet. If the problem lies in the Internet, then it can be seen easily and clearly. But if the problem is with the satellite, what to do?

So, the first thing you need to do is to get your GPS out in the open. See if there is a change or not. If the weather outside is cloudy, this is probably one of the reasons why your GPS can’t find the location.

But if it’s sunny outside, the GPS is probably having problems. If this is true, you can try by installing apps Necessities. This app will detect the above satellites and use the nearest satellite to help fix your GPS.

If these methods can’t beat your GPS location accuracy level, you can try them by omitting modemsIt is in the following way:

  • Open adb tools on the computer. Please search on Google
  • Type adb reboot bootloader
  • If you inserted the bootloader, then erase Modest 1
  • modem scan fasboot 2
  • restart fasboot.

Then the next step is to turn on the mobile phone, and check it with the APP GPS testIf the form is full of numbers, your GPS can be used again. However, if these methods do not overcome the GPS accuracy issue, then the problem is most likely in Android devices.

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This is what we can share with you, hopefully the information about it How to solve GPS can not determine the location Useful and good luck

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