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Lam Thai’s journey is now chronicled in a biography, #Lam #Thyes #journey #chronicled #biography Welcome to ArticlesHere is the latest breaking information and trending brocast that we’ve got for you to get right now:

Kuala Lumpur: The story of Tan Sri Lee Lam Thai’s half-century journey from its humble beginnings to rightful conversion to politician and later a social activist is now documented in a biography launched by Sultan of Selangor.

The biographical title – Lee Lam Thye’s Name: A Lifelong Service Recall – is a largely tepid reference to how people are looking to him to help resolve their issues.

Sultan Sharaf-al-Din Idris Shah, in his speech, recalled how he admired Lee’s methods and years of serving the public.

“He was ready all the time to bring their knees and listen to their problems,” he stated, along with Lee going the extra mile to help people with every possible technique.

Sultan Sharafuddin said yesterday: “I am happy that although he is not a rakiyat agent or a member of a political event, he continues to serve rakiyas and help people through NGOs and volunteer work.”

He reminded me in his speech that there is no nobler more than serving the people and the nation.

“The only factor that might prevent us from making a contribution is our own selfish needs.”

With his own experiences that he all shared through the data, Lee said he hopes you’ll underscore the importance of service to the general public.

“The aim of my e-book is to provide an account to the people of Malaysia regarding the service I have rendered over the past 53 years. My political career ended in 1990 but my responsibility and dedication to serving the people and the nation remains.”

The 312-page data, purchased from major bookstores, is on {the marketplace} in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin with a Tamil form releasing quickly.

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