Top 10 Android Icon Packs
Top 10 Android Icon Packs

Top 10 Android Icon Packs

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This icon pack is one of the most popular customization methods. It is supported by most major third-party launchers.

It provides an inexpensive and unique way to customize your device.

In addition, there are hundreds and hundreds to choose from. When I first thought of making this list. I’m thinking of creating individual icon packs. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), there are a lot of good things out there.

I decided to include icon pack developers instead of individual icon packs. This is unlike most types of apps.

Where you guys get a good ten or 15. Then the quality dropped dramatically. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of great icon packs out there.

As such, I encourage readers to put their favorite icon packs in the comments. And continue the list for future readers. Here are the best icon packs for Android!

Pinas Dzimidas

Benas dhimidas has a great variety of icon packs. Some of the most popular ones include rondo, voxel, lai, elta, and lux. There are many others to choose from as well.

Benas dhimidas icon packs usually have a very clean design. Colored with flat graphics and various icon shapes.

Lux works great with dark theme (great for oled devices). While the rondo works fine. To replace Material Design Style icons stored on something like Pixel phones. Most icon packs are free or require a small fee.

Edzon DM Icon Packs

For the next stage, there is another icon pack developer. With some decent icon packs. These elements include linebit, linebit light, linebit se, bixpic, and simpleit.

The linebit series is a set of simple icons that work well with solid color backgrounds.

The regular Linebit string is just as colorful. While the light and se versions are in white and purple. Simple and bixpic is a stylish icon with a colorful design.

It should work well with most themes, and be relatively inexpensive.

Goktug ULAS

Well, next is also another developer with a lot of icon packs. Most of this work adheres to established standards.

With different flavors or additives to achieve a different look.

This includes graby, dark mellow, rugos (my favorite), olmo, and yomira. The most interesting is linen. It has a rectangular shape that you rarely see. All packages feature thousands of icons, muzei support, and more. They are also very cheap.

Indigo City

Indigo madina has some really cool icon packs. They don’t have much in common, and there are about half a dozen to choose from.

Tabloid, jono, and furatto are very good packages. For fans of square or rectangular icons.

Spheroids are not very unique. However, it is a solid and sturdy flat icon pack with round icons. Tigad is the most unique of the bunch, with decidedly retro style.

And it’s cheap to me, considering the number of icons each package contains.


Justnewdesigns has more than half a dozen icon packs to choose from. This is not far from the norm. Most of them are square, squirrel or circle icons in bright colors. Flat design and consistent theme.

I highly recommend using simplicon, minimalist. And a minimum of o for this type of icon from the developer. Rectals are great for those who like taller rectangular icon designs. Bolt also has a great set of circuit symbols.


This Mowmo also has a lot of neat packages for Android. Where the developer seems to be leaning towards the retro look. In packages like Andromeda Vintage, Dark Matter, Xim, Vintage Minimalism, and Vintage Shape.

You can also check out Floxo and Naxos apartments for a more modern style. I also really like the dual lighting and the two darker pixel bins. Both feature a very simple design of both light and dark themes.


Randle is a developer of newer icon packs. With some decent icon packs. They include zwart, whicons, and golden icons.

Zwart is one of the cleanest black icons I’ve ever seen. Same thing except it’s white.

This is great for minimal themes with simple icon needs. The gold icon takes the same pattern and applies gold to it. Some people regret a particular gold color, but most seem to like it.


Sikebo is a very competent icon pack developer. With nearly a dozen icon packs to choose from. They have different styles. But they all did a good job. To feel modern and retro at the same time.

I especially love the vintage color palette and the retro and different flat designs. Let it be characterized by colorful and modern simplicity.

Non-material is great for darker features. While the iJuk pen style is perhaps the most unique. Simpax has a nice color palette and is muted if you like it too.


TruePick’s is an interesting app. And it doesn’t actually change your code for you. However, it has different settings for the home screen. With launcher, icon, kwgt widget and wallpaper. This application helps you to recreate these settings.

By connecting all those things including icons. Each link takes you to the google play store, so there are no dark events here.

This way, you can actually use it. To find a suitable icon pack with background. And the widget matches if you will.

This one is fairly new and still fixes some issues. But all links are working properly. The pro version removes ads, allowing you to join their Telegram group.

And you can upload your own settings to help others.


This Vertumus device has dozens of icon packs for sale, and they are all very good. Vertumus seems to be jumping from one strength to the next. But it focuses on dark icons which look great for a dark theme.

I really love the neon glow, omuro, HD dark, durgon and umbra for a darker look. Elun is an excellent flat, modern and colorful icon pack.

While urmun and velur give a little bit of soul to the modern style. Cryten and potem are also great for lighter subjects.

This is a friend that I can probably recommend to you. We hope this article helps you.

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