Who is Jorge Guerra, the actor who plays Jaimeto as an adult in “In the Background There’s a Place”

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  • This is the first time the actor has participated in a television series.
  • Although he has no television experience, he does have film and theater experience.
  • Who is in the new season of “There’s Space in the Background”?

The Return to the “There’s Space in the Background” screensMore than five years after the broadcast of the last chapter of the eighth season, in December 2016, it raised many expectations among its followers Hit the American TV series, although they are very happy to see their favorite characters again, the incorporation of new faces is what caught their attention the most; especially for him The actor who will play Jaimito is great: George Gera.

With his entry into the cast, he became the third actor to play the son of Charito (Mónica Sánchez) and Lucho (Bruno Odar). As you may remember, the role first went to Aaron Picasso when his character was a child and then to Andres Messias as a teenager.

If you still don’t know who the actor will be playing Joel and Grace’s brother, here’s what you need to know about him.

When the actor was part of “Vive” (Photo: Jorge Guerra/Instagram)
  • Full name: Jorge Gera Veese
  • place of birth: gear
  • nationality: Peru
  • Year of Birth: 1998
  • Instagram: Tweet embed

According to Jorge Guerra’s private Facebook account, he studied at Colegio Santa María Marianistas.

The actor with his brother whom he loves and admires (Photo: Jorge Guerra/Instagram)
The actor with his brother whom he loves and admires (Photo: Jorge Guerra/Instagram)

they My passion for theater started when I was a kid, but he not only watched movies, he liked to analyze them. In addition, follow the Oscars every year.

In 2017, he led workshops at the Cultural Center of the Catholic University of Peru. His teachers are: American Adrian Aletta and Pietro Sibel for a month with each other. He also conducted a workshop with Roberto Ingles.

In 2020 and 2021, he took online workshops at Stella Adler Acting Studio, one to work with Shakespeare’s soliloquy and another to analyze and practice the basics of acting in that studio, according to Production of the play “Vive”.

Jorge Guerra has never watched TV, so his presence in “Al fondo hay lugar” where Jaimito de grande will be is small screen for the first time.

Although he does not appear on TV, He made starring films in the 2019 drama film The Rant.It is directed by Peruvian directors Daniel and Diego Vega. It was jointly produced by Peru, Colombia, Spain and Canada.

The film received a special mention from the jury at the San Sebastian Film Festival in the same year. To revive his Roberto character, he traveled to Canada, where he stayed for a month and a half.

Guerra Wiesse also participated in “Submission” (2020)A short film directed by Matilda Leon, with whom I gained more experience on the big national screen.

The young man with the actors Rodrigo Palacios and Rodrigo Sanchez Patiño at the San Sebastian Festival, representing Peru in the film
The young man with actors Rodrigo Palacios and Rodrigo Sanchez Patiño at the San Sebastian Festival, representing Peru with the movie “La bronca” (Photo: Jorge Guerra / Instagram)
  • He starred in the play “The Disease of Youth” by Carlos Delgado Morris.
  • He was part of the cast in the play “Vive” by Diego La Hoz.
“Sickness of Youth” is the play in which Jorge Guerra takes part (Photo: Teatro de Lucia)

The actor also revealed that one of the other things he loves to do is reading, hence he loves to take notes on everything he reads.

During an interview with Jimmy ShowTVThe actor said he was very excited to be involved in the production of Giggio Aranda. “I am happy, we are doing very well, the whole team is excellent,” he said.

« [Las grabaciones] Yes, it’s a bit heavy, but I’m settling in and getting used to this new pace of work, because I’ve never experienced anything like that, since it’s my first TV job”he added.

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