I am Indonesia Call Center 24 Hours, Address, Phone, Social Media, etc

For those of you who like to shop online, you must be familiar with e-commerce called akulaku.com. In the system, this online shopping media will provide the convenience of shopping with credit or installments. But …

I am Indonesia Call Center 24 Hours, Address, Phone, Social Media, etc

For those of you who like to shop online, you must be familiar with e-commerce called akulaku.com. In the system, this online shopping media will provide the convenience of shopping with credit or installments. But you don’t need to use a credit card.

This easy shopping installment system makes many people interested in using Akulaku.com as a shopping medium. This is proven by the many branches of Akulaku. Contacting Akulaku Indonesia call center can now be easier.

Information Call Center Akulaku Indonesia


As briefly explained above, Akulaku like other e-commerce companies has a call center to assist customers in online shopping. Maybe many people think that Akulaku Indonesia call center can be reached 24 hours.

Indeed, there are several CSs that can be contacted 24 hours a day. But this CS is not through regular phone calls. Here are some types of call centers you can contact:

1. Email

The first CS you can contact is via email. The official email address of Akulaku Indonesia is [email protected] Through this email, you can send complaints when using Akulaku as an online shopping medium.

2. Twitter

Besides email, another CS you can contact is via twitter. For Twitter itself, you can follow @akulakuID. Send a message via direct message or mention it via your Twitter account.

3. Facebook

If you want to contact Akulaku via Facebook social media, you can follow the page on Akulaku Indonesia.

4. Instagram

The last social media that you can reach as CS Akulaku is Instagram. You can access the Instagram address via @akulaku_id. You can send DM to this Akulaku Indonesia Instagram account, make sure it’s genuine.

5. Call CS

Before clarifying, CS Akulaku’s mobile phone cannot be contacted for 24 hours. However, there is nothing wrong with knowing the active schedule first. CS Akulaku’s active schedule is Monday – Sunday, operational hours 09.00 – 21.00 WIB.

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Meanwhile, there are two types of CS numbers that you can call according to your interests using Akulaku. These two CS numbers are:

  • 1500 920, you can use this number if you have many questions related to Akulaku.com. This number can only be reached by phone. You can also contact via mobile phone media.
  • (021) – 2411 2009, while this number is a special CS that you can call when you want to ask questions or talk about closed shopping bills.
  • 081 1135 08161, this number is my WhatsApp number that you can contact if you want to contact us through WA (WhatsApp) application.

My Office Address

My Office Address

In addition to contacting the Akulaku Indonesia call center, you can also communicate directly with Akulaku at the Akulaku Office. So, do you know where my office address is? There are several Akulaku office addresses that you can access, including:

1. Jakarta

Akulaku office address in Jakarta is the central address of this e-commerce company. There are three accessible paths:

  • Jalan Kesehatan Raya no. 48, Graha Lestari Building Lt. 11 Zone 5, PT Silvrr Artha Indonesia.
  • Jalan Petojo Sabangan no. 2A, Cideng, Central Jakarta 10160.
  • Jalan Jend. Sudirman no. 86, RT 10/ RW 11, Pusat Sahid Sudirman Lt. 11, Karet Tengsing, Tanah Abang, South Jakarta City, Jakarta Capital Region 10250, Indonesia.

2. Bogor

  • Jalan KH. R. Sahid Djogosentono, Mt. Meyah, Pamijahan sub-district, Bogor, West Java 16810.
  • Jalan Kinanti V no. 4, RT 04/ RW 09, Tanah Baru, Utara Bogor district, Bogor City, West Java 16154.

3. Bandung

  • Jalan Pasir Kaliki no. 20, Andir District, Jeruk Regency, Bandung City, West Java 40181.
  • Jalan Braga no. 12, Braga, Sumur Bandung District, Bandung City, West Java 40111.

4. Surabaya

  • Jalan Palm Raja Jambangan Bar no. 40, RT 000/ RW 00, Blok B, Jambangan, Surabaya.
  • Jalan Sulawesi No. 17, RT 004/ RW 06 Gubeng, Gubeng district, Surabaya.
  • Jalan Gubeng Kertajaya VC 27 and Blok VD 23 no. 24, RT 004/ RW 03 Airlangga, Gubeng district, Surabaya.
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5. Semarang

  • Karangkidul, Central Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java 17116.
  • Jalan Pandanaran no. 80, Mugassari, Semarang Sel District, Semarang City, Central Java 50249.
  • Jalan Ahmad Yani no. 137, Warhol Residence Apartment, Pleburan, Selatan Semarang, Central Java 50241.

6. Yogyakarta

  • Jalan Kemasan No. 1 Salakan, Potorono, Banguntapan district, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55196.
  • Jalan Pajeksan no. 19, Ngupasan, Gondomanan District, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Region 55122.
  • Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto no. 142A, Tegalrejo, Tegalrejo District, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Region 55244

7. Palembang

Jalan KH. Azhari no. 136, 13 Ulu, Seberang Ulu II District, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30263

Akulaku.com Payment Method

Like some other online shopping media, Akulaku also has a payment method or system that applies to each customer. In general. Payment in Akulaku can be made by COD, cash, and credit. For more details, here are the types of payment methods:

1. Online Payment


This online payment method can be done by bank transfer, credit card, WebCash, online debit card, MOLPay, Globe GCash, Dragonpay, and several other online payment media.

2. Direct Payment


Unlike the previous method, this time you can make Akulaku payment directly or in cash. The trick is through Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia. You can make transactions and payments by credit/installment at this Indomaret outlet.

If you are still confused about the payment method applicable to this Akulaku, you can visit or contact the Akulaku Indonesia call center listed in the previous explanation.

What are the stages of shopping in Akulaku?

Each online shopping medium has its own methods or stages. This also applies to shopping media Akulaku Indonesia. For those of you who have never shopped through Akulaku, here are some steps you can take:

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1. Install the App


The first thing you need to do, of course, is to install this application on your media or device. You can use your smartphone to install this application. You can download the Akulaku app through Google Playstore.

2. Install


Once the app is installed, you need to install it to use it on your device. Make sure you sign up for a new account as well.

3. Start Shopping


When your account is registered, you will automatically be offered some online items for sale in Akulaku. There is a wide selection of items in the catalog that you can purchase.

Start shopping and add items to the shopping cart feature. Do the checkout, and follow the flow given in this Akulaku app.

If there are any problems in the shopping process or using this application, do not hesitate to contact the Akulaku Indonesia call center that is ready to help you.

Some of the information above related to Akulaku.com, can be used as a reference when using this online shopping media. Some of the addresses of Akulaku Indonesia offices and call centers mentioned above, you can adjust according to your needs and domicile location.

It’s true that not all cities in Indonesia have Akulaku service offices. However, you can still contact Akulaku through several call centers and the company’s official social media accounts.

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