8 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid for Optimal Websites

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When you first use WordPress, it will feel quite confusing, especially for beginners like the writer at that time, who previously only knew blogspot to create a website or blog. It is this lack of understanding and experience, which is prone to making a person prone to making mistakes. Reporting from niagahoster.co.id, here are 8 WordPress mistakes to avoid.

To make it easier to understand each WordPress error that must be avoided, the outline is contained in the following table of contents:

List of contents

  1. Wrong in Choosing Platform
  2. Without Considering the Cost
  3. Wrong in Choosing a Theme
  4. Carelessly Installing Plugins
  5. Carelessly Changing Domains
  6. Careless When Entering Code Snippets in Theme Files
  7. Editing Function Files in Admin Area
  8. Wearing Uncategorized Labels

1. Wrong in Choosing Platform

Beginners usually don’t understand the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Although both are free website creation platforms from WordPress, the features offered by both are very different.

For example, in terms of urls, if you use the WordPress.com version, you can’t be free to choose a domain extension, and your domain name will always be accompanied by the WordPress.com suffix, for example www.dttgkamal.wordpress.com. Besides that. by using this domain, you will also not be able to advertise.

In addition, by using WordPress.com, you also cannot use the plugins that are needed to build a WordPress website. Thus, if you want to create a website for commercial purposes, or to earn income, use WordPress.org. Besides being free to choose domain extensions and placing ads, you will also be very free to be creative here.

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2. Without Considering the Cost

Although WordPress.org is provided free of charge, we still need to pay for buying a domain and renting hosting. Although we are free to use the services anywhere, but in this case you should not be careless. Calculate the cost in as much detail as possible, so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Don’t be easily tempted by cheap promos, not a few domain and hosting service providers impose expensive subscription fees, even though when ordering at the beginning the price is very tilted. It’s not much if your site’s income is large, otherwise it will be very heavy.

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Therefore, the first thing you should do to save costs is to use a trusted domain and hosting service provider, with affordable prices and fixed renewal prices. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the quality, make sure the quality of the services provided is also complete and satisfying.

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3. Wrong in Choosing a Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme is like choosing a design from the shape of our house. Although there are thousands of types of themes that we can choose from, we can only use one, and of course we should use the best theme for our site.

Everyone certainly has their own type and criteria in making choices, such as your favorite color is most likely different from my favorite color. But even so, there are at least four important points that must be considered, when choosing to use a theme for your site, which are as follows.

  • Use a theme that is compatible with all devices, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Use a theme that is easy to customize.
  • Use a theme that is compatible with a variety of important plugins.
  • Use a theme that can speed up your website loading.

Whatever your tastes are, if you stick to these four things, then after using this theme, the website’s performance will not decrease, and even have great potential to increase.

4. Carelessly Installing Plugins

Carelessly installing plugins, is one of the WordPress mistakes that should be avoided. Although there are lots of plugins that we can use to add features to our site, that doesn’t mean we can use all of them. If it is wrong in a certain type of plugin, then it can actually have a bad effect on the site that we have. There are at least 4 things you should pay attention to in choosing a plugin, which are as follows:

  • Use a plugin from the official WordPress.org directory, if you want to use a third-party plugin, make sure the party has a good reputation.
  • When you want to use a particular plugin, always read reviews of that plugin in the WordPress.org review column, as well as in various forums. With that, you can find out the quality of the theme before finally deciding to use it or not.
  • Don’t use a nulled plugin, even if it’s tempting, because by using it we can get premium features at low prices to free. But this plugin can harm your site.
  • In order not to make the wrong choice, always check the list of trusted plugins from trusted sites, such as duniaelektronik.net.
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5. Carelessly Changing Domains

The next WordPress error to avoid, is changing the domain incorrectly. This usually happens because your initial intention to create a website is just for fun, so without careful thought. After wanting to wrestle seriously, you then you want to replace the domain with a better one.

Actually changing the domain for your site is fine, but if you replace it carelessly it will be very detrimental. Your traffic that you have built with the previous domain, will just disappear.

You need the right method for this to happen, so that when you change the traffic domain that you have previously built, it doesn’t just disappear. One way that you can use is to use Redirect 301.

6. Carelessly Entering the Snippet Code in the Theme File

Adding a code snippet in the function file, is also a mistake that WordPress.org users often use. Even though the various existing code snippets are not suitable if placed in the functions.php file of the WordPress theme used.

If this is done, then when you change to another theme the modifications you make will automatically disappear. It is highly recommended that you only add code in the functions file, only if you intend to change anything specific to the theme, open the code snippet.

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7. Editing the Function File in the Admin Area

Although WordPress has provided a theme editor and plugin feature, if you are still a beginner you should not try to use it. Because if you make a mistake in editing, the consequences are very fatal, even worst you can be locked out of the WordPress dashboard.

To avoid this, you should just disable the theme editor and plugin features. As for disabling it, you just copy the following code, in wp-config.php:

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

Place the code before the line of code ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing’

But if you still want to edit your theme, a safer way is to use a file that you can download with an FTP client.

8. Wearing Uncategorized Labels

Uncategorized is the default label for WordPress. Although we can use this label, it will make our site look unprofessional. However, this type of label or category cannot be deleted.

We recommend that you always use the name of the label, which corresponds to the variety of content you have. The solution, of course, is to create new categories. How please klik postselect Categories.

After that please Edit right below the Uncategorized label name. After that change the name of the category along with its URL according to your wishes.

Thus 8 WordPress mistakes that must be avoided, hopefully by avoiding these mistakes, your website or blog will always have optimal performance.

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