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Best Simple Mobile Smartphone – INTIPSTEKNO

Best Simple Mobile Smartphone – INTIPSTEKNO

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Hello techno friends, how are you? I hope you are always healthy. I haven’t written an article about smartphones in a long time. And this time I will write an article about smartphones again.

Well and if you are looking for a simple smartphone. Then you are reading the right article. Where this smartphone helps and has very high quality features.

For this reason, smartphone manufacturers always release their newest products. So that consumers or users are more satisfied using it.

I will also be honest, now there are also many simple mobile smartphones. And also many benefits, and worth the price. That’s why I below recommend a simple smartphone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series

For the first one I would recommend is the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Do you also want a smaller galaxy s21. As well as the more affordable or the all-out galaxy s21 ultra, you can finally choose.

Wherever you go, you’ll get some of the same features. All three phones rely on the same Snapdragon 888 SoC. To help you through the day. And you will find one ui 3.1 samsung skin on top of android 11.

Every galaxy s21 device is also equipped with an infinity-o screen. Although galaxy premium s21 ultra jumps from 10mp to 40mp.

IP68 water and dust resistance rating comes standard. So it’s up to you how many screens you need. This Samsung measures 6.2 inches, while the Galaxy S21 Plus and Ultra are 6.7 inches and 6.8 inches, respectively.

The two smaller devices pack an identical triple camera array. While the galaxy s21 ultra finally lives up to its lofty moniker with a four-lens setup.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

For the second I recommend the samsung galaxy note 20 series. Galaxy S series has always been the most popular. But those who need more power know that flagships are actually notes. Samsung galaxy note 20 series includes note 20 and note 20 ultra.

Where this comes with a much larger screen, class-leading specifications. And an included stylus pen that will take productivity to the same level.

They are also equipped with great cameras. And a big battery that can handle all your adventures. Not to mention they are beautifully designed smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

If you want to save a little or don’t need the latest from Samsung. You can have another choice: the samsung galaxy s20 family. This includes the samsung galaxy s20, galaxy s20 plus, and galaxy s20 ultra.

Along with different sizes and prices. There are some other major differences between the three. But it’s all worth a closer look before you make a final decision.

There are some common features shared by this simple phone as well. All three are powered by the same processor. Comes with android 10 on board with samsung one ui skin. And it has dust and water resistance features.

Their dynamic 2x amoled display is among the best in the industry. And all three devices have the same resolution, but in different sizes.

Slight differences lie in the battery, camera, and of course the size. But apart from the slight variations, the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus. And the s20 ultra is an impressive device with high-end specs. And a great design.

Apple iPhone 12 series

You may be on the android site. But there’s no denying the new iphone 12 series is a great bunch. The phone finds a sweet spot that balances performance and usability well.

But they all come with stunning cameras, great performance. And an amazing ecosystem of apps and accessories.

iOS isn’t to everyone’s taste and does require some compromises. In terms of file management and customization. But there is no denying the quality of the many apps available.

Editing videos on your mobile device is very easy. But it can be done thanks to a processor that performs very well. And a very good game.

There’s an iphone 12 for everyone now because of its flagship line. It has grown to four, and simple gives you the best options. From the pocket-friendly iphone 12 mini. Until the terrible iphone 12 pro max, it’s all up to you.

Either way, you get the apple a14 bionic chip. And the best camera settings. You just need to decide how much ram and battery life.

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Do you want a high-end processor from Apple in your next iPhone. But don’t want to spend a lot of money? Then check apple iphone se 2020 edition.

You get the same a13 bionic processor. With those found on the iPhone 11 model in this phone.

The catch is that you get a much smaller 4.7-inch phone. No 1080p screen. You will also get a single 12mp rear camera. And a 7mp front camera, along with 3gb of ram and 64gb of storage.

There is also a small 1,821mah battery. But on the plus side, it does support wireless charging. It’s still one of the best Simple phones you can get. At a much lower price than the more expensive flagships.

Samsung Galaxy A50

If you are in the market for a mid-range android smartphone. This Samsung should be at the top of the list if you are looking at a simple phone.

Where you get a 6.4-inch screen and an internal Samsung Exynos 9610 processor. You also get a huge 4,000mah battery with this phone.

The big feature of this handset is its camera. You get three rear sensors: a 26mp main camera, an 8mp ultrawide camera. And a 5mp sensor to collect depth info.

The front-facing camera also comes with a resolution of 25mp. To take some great selfies. This is definitely one of the best simple phones in its price range.

Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung has lots of affordable and great options. With a great looking design. As well as enough power to keep the average user happy.

Needless to say, this phone will also be much cheaper than the handset. And the samsung galaxy a11 will definitely keep your wallet healthy.

Thin and stylish design is accompanied by simple specifications. It includes a snapdragon 450 processor and up to 3gb of ram. The screen is quite large at 6.4 inches.

And although the definition isn’t great at 720p. And enough to consume media comfortably, especially considering the price.

It has a 4,000mah battery, which should perform great. Given the device specifications it is not very resource intensive. Throw in a triple camera setup and you guys have a pretty sweet deal. When it comes to cell phones it’s simple mobile.

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