Cara Transfer OVO ke ShopeePay 2022
Cara Transfer OVO ke ShopeePay 2022

Cara Transfer OVO ke ShopeePay 2022

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Cara Transfer OVO ke ShopeePay 2022

Debgameku – How to Transfer OVO to ShopePpay 2022 – If yesterday we shared how to transfer DANA balances to OVO and vice versa, now it’s the turn of OVO users who want to transfer to ShopeePay easily.

Actually, how to transfer OVO to ShopeePay is not much different from transferring to another bank account. However, so that you know more for sure and can make transfers, you should first know what the terms and conditions are.

It turns out that one of the main requirements for OVO users to be able to transfer their used OVO account to ShopeePay must have been upgraded to the Premiere version. If your account already meets these criteria, just check the transfer method below.

Cara Transfer OVO ke ShopeePay

Cara Transfer OVO ke ShopeePay 2022

To transfer money from OVO to ShopeePay, the minimum transfer limit is Rp. 10,000, – and for a fee per transaction, a fee of Rp. 2.500,-.

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Therefore, before making a transfer, make sure you know this and have a balance of no less than the stated amount. The transfers are as follows.

  • Your first step is to visit the Shopee app.
  • Then on the Shopee main page, select the ShopeePay menu.
  • Go ahead and select Fill Balance.
  • Then there will be a choice of payment method, then you select “Bank Transfer”.
  • Then select “Bank Mandiri” (selected automatically), then select “Confirm”.
  • Next you will see the results of the Virtual Bank Mandiri account, please note it down correctly.
  • The code for Bank Mandiri itself is 893, so the code will be in front of the cellphone number in the OVO account, please pay attention to the code you get.
  • After that, you just have to open the OVO application.
  • Then select the Transfer menu.
  • Then select “To Bank Account”.
  • In the Target Bank section, select Bank Mandiri.
  • Then there will be an empty column, just enter the code you got from ShopeePay.
  • Be careful not to get it wrong.
  • If correct, click Continue.
  • If the ShopeePay account number is correct, the name of the transfer recipient will appear, please enter the transfer amount, such as IDR 10,000 or IDR. 50.000,-.
  • Then click Continue.
  • Details of all transfer information will then appear, now just click “transfer”.
  • You will receive a security code from OVO later, just enter the code in the column provided.
  • The app will then display a notification that your transfer was successful.

How are you guys? Transfer from the OVO application to ShopeePay is easy, right? Of course this is very helpful when your Shopeepay balance decreases by being able to add your balance later using OVO anytime, anywhere.

Oh yes, you need to know, bro, the bank code of each bank will be different, so if you don’t send it from Bank Mandiri, first identify the bank code.

Oh yes, of course, when transferring, you wonder how long it will take to receive the balance of the shipment from OVO? What are the advantages? Let’s find out the following.

Advantages of Transfer Using OVO to ShopeePay

There are several advantages of using the OVO application to transfer money to ShopeePay, including the following.

Balance received quickly

It only takes a few minutes to send and receive money. You could say it’s real time so it can be obtained when the OVO application gives a success notification and then you will also receive a balance in your ShopeePay account.

But if the application has problems, then you have to wait until the application returns to normal.

With this very fast time, of course you can receive your balance when you are in a hurry to pay for your needs on ShopeePay.

The balance sent is safe

What is clear is that the transfer from the OVO application to the ShopeePay application is very safe. Both applications are official and even registered with the OJK, so there is no need to doubt their use.

The reason is that applications that are not registered with the OJK have a very high level of fraud. So, by using the OVO and ShopeePay applications, you will be safer when making transactions.

Low transfer fees

The transfer fee is very cheap, even only Rp. IDR 2,500 per transaction is very light for such transfer transactions. Even if your balance is small, with such a light administrator, you can easily transfer.

Get Cashback

Trading as often as possible will give you money back. This is certainly very beneficial for those of you who like to shop online. Cash back balance is also available for your shopping needs.

After knowing the advantages of transferring money in the OVO application, you also have to know what are the advantages of using a ShopeePay account. Here are the advantages.

Advantages of Using ShopeePay

After you receive your OVO balance in your ShopeePay account, you will benefit when you reuse ShopeePay as a payment method when shopping at Shopee. What are the benefits, see below.

Pay for shopping directly without hassle

If you have a ShopeePay account and like to shop at shopee, you can pay directly when you shop. As long as your balance is sufficient, you can simply pay for the purchase using the ShopeePay payment method and reduce the existing balance. Friends, with a balance in ShopeePay, shopping payments are no longer delayed.

No more admin fees

When paying with ShopeePay, you can pay admin fees for free. Because shopee and ShopeePay are still one umbrella, there are no admin fees when making payments.

This is of course different if you use other payment methods when shopping at shopee, for example using payments at Alfamart or Indomaret, the payment will be subject to an administration fee.

Well, those are the advantages that you can get when you use the OVO and ShopeePay applications for money transfers. Now all you have to do is transfer easily using the guide we provided above.

The final word

Enjoy the OVO application service which always offers very low administration fees for your various online transactions, the latest merchant payments and other transfer needs. Make sure your account is upgraded to the premiere version for larger than average transfers.

Enjoy all the features in the OVO application and get massive cashback by multiplying the transactions you make. We think everything described above is very clear.

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You can easily use the OVO to ShopeePay transfer method that we provide above.

That’s all we can say, hopefully this discussion is useful for all of us, guys. Don’t forget to share information with each other.

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