Clipchamp Turns Its Paid Version Into Essential
Clipchamp Turns Its Paid Version Into Essential

Clipchamp Turns Its Paid Version Into Essential

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One of the applications that Windows 11 users may not like, Clipchamp, because this application may become bloatware for users, even though Clipchamp is intended by Microsoft to improve Editing features, but users professional prefer other applications that are more popular, for example Adobe Premiere Pro.

Well besides that, Clipchamp itself has a number of versions, Free, Creator, Business, and Business Platinum which are quite expensive.

Regarding this, Microsoft recently changed the pricing policy for Clipchamp, where in addition to the Free version, the Creator, Business and Business Platinum versions are now combined into one with the name Essentials.

According to the official Clipchamp page, the service will ask existing users to link their profile to a Microsoft Account before moving to the Essentials plan. After the switch, Clipchamp will offer to cancel your existing subscription and get a refund or keep your subscription until the current plan in use expires.

Recent changes in pricing policy This Clipchamp certainly makes the service more attractive and easier to understand.

What do you think? would you buy and use this app? comment below guys.

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