Download the Latest GB WhatsApp Mod 2022
Download the Latest GB WhatsApp Mod 2022

Download the Latest GB WhatsApp Mod 2022

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GBWhatsApp is a premium WhatsApp application that has a myriad of advanced and cool features that the official version of the WhatsApp application does not have.

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp application made by a non-official developer from WhatsApp. Due to the many limitations on the official version of WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is here to maximize and protect the privacy of using the WhatsApp chat application.

GBWhatsApp has many advantages over using the original version of WhatsApp.

Some of the interesting features that GBWhatsApp has

  • Can hide chat from girlfriend or friends.
  • Can activate the check mark 1 even though it has been read.
  • Can enable blue tick after replying message.
  • Can see a friend’s story without being caught we see it.
  • Can see friends’ stories that have been deleted.
  • Can change WhatsApp theme
  • Can hide chat people we want.
  • Can know all our friends who are online.
  • Can know the activities of all our friends.
  • Can restrict calls to certain friends in WhatsApp.
  • Makes WhatsApp offline temporarily.
  • Hide/Clear online status information on WhatsApp account
  • Hide/Eliminate information while typing.
  • Hide photos/videos obtained from WhatsApp.
  • Can send high-resolution photos without breaking.
  • Can download pictures and video stories of friends.
  • Can activate anti delete chat.
  • Can activate anti delete status story.
  • Can lock WhatsApp application with pattern.
  • Can be installed at once with the official version of WhatsApp (Dual WhatsApp),
  • And many more.

How to activate the GBWhatsApp feature

1. Download and install the GBWhatsApp application first, don’t forget to first backup all chats on the original WhatsApp version, if you want to use the same number. Because 1 number can only be run on 1 WhatsApp application.

2. Next, open GBWhatsApp, go to the CHATS menu – Strip 3 menu – GBSettings – Privacy And Security.

3. In the Privacy And Security menu you can activate the desired feature. Meanwhile, if you want to change the theme, please select the Themes menu.

GBWhatsApp feature explanation

-Freeze Last Seen (Freeze last seen) = This feature can hide our online status when opening WhatsApp or chatting with someone.

-Privacy Contact, Groups, Broadcasts = In this feature we can customize features Hide blue ticks (hide blue ticks), Hide second tick (hide second tick), Hide typing (hide typing), and so on.

-Disable Forwarded (Disable forwarding) = This feature allows us to resend messages without forwarded tags.

-Anti Delete Messages = This feature can prevent someone from deleting their chat messages. So when someone or our friend deletes a message, we can still see it.

-Show Blue Ticks after reply = If this feature is enabled then a legible blue check mark will be visible when we have replied to a chat message of a particular person.

-Hide View Status (Hide view status) = If this feature is activated, we can see the status of a friend’s story without being caught or not knowing our friends if we have seen their status.

-Anti Delete Status (Anti delete status) = If this feature is enabled then if our friend updates the status and then deletes it we can still see the status even if it has been deleted by the owner.

-WhatsApp Lock (WhatsApp lock) = In this feature you can hide and lock certain chats. To be able to activate it, go to the CHATS menu – then tap the WhatsApp logo or text. Later you will be asked to activate the lock pattern.

After activating the pattern lock, then return to the CHATS menu, then tap and hold on a particular contact or chat that we want to hide. Next select the EYE icon (eye).

To be able to view hidden contacts or messages, please use the WhatsApp logo in the main WhatsApp menu.

To change your theme, simply go to GBSettings – Themes – Downloads Theme. There you can choose and use the theme you want for free by selecting the install button.

In addition, there are many more features that you can customize, by trying it yourself. For the explanation above, there are some important points from the premium features of GBWhatsApp. good luck

Download GB WhatsApp Mod Anti Banned NEW!

(clone version, 2 WhatsApp on 1 HP)

GBWhatsApp Fouads 2022 v9.30F (Clone)

FMWhatsApp Fouads 2022 v9.30F (Clone)

WhatsApp Plus Fouads 2022 v9.30f (Replace)

Download GB WhatsApp via Apkgw

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