“Eh Tolak Adik Ke Tu”- Mira Filzah’s Postpartum Appearance Makes Netizens Shocked!

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A literate actress and also a beautiful lawyer, Mira Filzah gave birth to her first baby boy named Wan Khair Amir Wan Emir Astar.

Go for a child checkup

Hitting the popular celebrity’s Instagram, Mira uploaded a picture with a short caption revealing that she brought her eldest son for a baby health check -up.

“Sixth week of examination for baby Khair Amir.” Write it down

via Instagram Mira Filzah

Admit it is a bit challenging

In the meantime, Mira also revealed that it was actually quite challenging to go out with her son for the second time through a delivery insta storiesher.

“Challenging also came out today. First time out with a baby. Eh second. The first time that day was 10 days of inspection. Terkial-kial again. Fuh. It’s okay, it’s okay. Slowly. *applause*”He scribbled

via Instagram Mira Filzah

Celebrity Friends And Netizens Praise Mira Filzah

Looking at the photos shared by this beautiful actress, many celebrity friends and even netizens flooded the comment space with praise.

“Hi beautiful mother” – Fazura


“It’s like a virgin” – Ika Nabella

“Looks like it’s not people’s mother hehe” – Yaana Lee

via Instagram Mira Filzah

“Eh, push your sister there, it’s not like anyone’s mother”

“It’s fun to be him, the body doesn’t even contain”

“Ala is beautiful like a virgin” commented Warganet

Just for info, Mira Filzah got married to her husband, Wan Emir Astar Wan Mohamad Khairil on 3 September 2020 and was blessed with a bright man’s eyes named Wan Khair Amir.

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