Geegpay – Create a USD, GBP, EUR accts to receive
Geegpay – Create a USD, GBP, EUR accts to receive

Geegpay – Create a USD, GBP, EUR accts to receive

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African freelancers, contractors, and small enterprises still have a ton of opportunities to operate in the western world. The financial transaction procedure, however, has always been a huge deterrent. As a result, after thinking about how to be paid or earn from businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, possibilities are either missed or earned/paid money is lost.

However, it would add intrigue to the narrative to know that there is a way around these limitations. i.e., without having a physical presence in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia, you can earn or receive payment as a freelancer, contractor, or local business involved in various types of commercial transactions with those corporations.

About Geegpay – Review

Geegpay is a virtual bank account provider for USD, GBP, and EUR currencies. It also offers virtual cards in USD to allow customers to spend money or make purchases across millions of websites worldwide – without having to provide their official bank details for any online transactions.

Geegpay’s capability to do currency conversions into either international or local currency, link local banks, and be able to send money to users’ local accounts are further exciting features.

Unlike Payoneer and Grey, Geegpay has relationships with more than 50 institutions in more than 30 countries, making it the go-to option for anybody looking to create a foreign bank account.

Complete wire transfer information, including the account name (your name), bank name, account number, routing number, sort code, etc., is included with the overseas accounts.

Aside from creating a USD, GBP, EUR foreign accounts to receive payments for your gigs on Geegpay, there’re other key features to explore;

  • .Automate employer billing.
  • Debit cards for easy spending.
  • Build your credit score.

How to Create Geegpay Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Open an account” button
  3. The first stage of the Geegpay account registration is to Set up a profile. here is information like; your name, email address, and password creation. Also the referral code – input the code;
  4. The verify your identity by using its automated identity verification system.
  5. After your identity verification, you can then request a virtual bank account.

Your Geegpay account created and verified!

How to Create the Geegpay Virtual Dollar Cards

You can start your Virtual card application after your account is fully verified. The steps below lead you through the whole process of creating a new virtual card on your Geegpay account.

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Once you’re signed in, click on the “Cards” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on “Create a new card.”
  4. Enter the required information and click “Create Card.”

Funding your Geegpay Virtual Cards

After creating your Geegpay account, it provides you a “Providus Bank account” you can always fund and withdraw from.

Use your other banks to fund your Geegpay account,

Then go to ‘card” and click on add fund, type in the amount you want to deduct from your local currency wallet to your dollar Geegpay card. Then submit.

You just funded your Geegpay virtual card.

Best Geegpay alternatives

For every product and service, there MUST be dissatisfaction, that is the reason it’s also important to get hold of the alternatives of Geegpay for creating foreign virtual accounts and virtual cards. See the list below;

image -payoneer virtual bank account

For Dollar Virtual Card (ONLY) Providers

  • Virtual Dollar Card Tool
  • Fundall
  • Minty Bank
  • Chipper Cash

Contact Geegpay Support

We couldn’t find its contact information, but it redirect you to your compose mail when you click on the “Contact us”.

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