Gelomang 31 Pre-Employment Card Registration, Here Are the Requirements!

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Pre-employment Card Registration Batch 31 – In this review, we will discuss and provide information regarding the registration of the 31st wave of pre-employment cards.

The pre-employment card is one of the work programs of Mr. Jokowi as the 6th president of Indonesia, where he has promised this since his campaign period.

Where the system of this pre-employment card is to give money to the owner of the pre-employment card but is required to take online classes in the pre-employment card program.

Later, after completing the online class, every pre-employment card holder will get a fairly high fee, which is a compensation from the government for those who are not yet working or are looking for work.

Although it is not possible to meet the needs while not working, it is hoped that the money will help people who are still not working a little.

In addition, the number of pre-employment card holders continues to grow along with the waves that continue to run.

Even now, it has entered its 31st wave, meaning that the pre-employment card has been running for more than 2.5 years or is in line with the Jokowi presidency.

In the following, we will discuss in full the pre-employment card for you in full below as follows.

Explanation About Pre-Employment Card

31 wave pre-employment card registration

Pre-employment cards are often also called magic cards by those who are still unemployed or still not working, because only by becoming the owner of a pre-employment card can they earn money without having to work first.

As mentioned above, the pre-employment card is one of the work programs of President Joko Widodo, which was his promise during his first campaign.

With a pre-employment card, each owner will be given several online classes that contain various skills that can be learned through a video tutorial or an explanation video.

In it there are lots of different online classes that can be followed such as Entrepreneurship, economy class, kitchen or catering skills and many other Online classes.

And every time they are able to complete an online class, every pre-employment card holder will get money or money from the government which is given for free or free of charge.

So the government is very concerned about those who are still not working or who are still having trouble finding work by providing knowledge and money.

The knowledge given can be studied to gain knowledge or also hone skills in practice and the money given can be used to meet temporary needs even though the amount is not much.

Requirements for Registering to Become a Pre-Employment Card Owner

  • Indonesian citizen or Indonesian citizen
  • 18 years and over
  • While not working, looking for work, being laid off, workers are not wage earners, not owners of micro businesses or stalls.
  • Not being a recipient of assistance during the Covid 19 period
  • Not a state office and not an employee in the field of SOEs
  • Maximum 2 NIK in one KK in Pre-employment recipients

How to Register a Pre-Employment Card

Here’s how to register for a pre-employment card if you don’t have a craft account and feel you have met the requirements above.

  • First open the Pre-Employment site on your device browser
  • Then enter your email address
  • Enter or upload everything needed starting from a photo of ID card, family card, cellphone number, and also personal data for verification by related parties
  • Then take the motivation test and also basic abilities

How to Join Wave 31

If you already have a Pre-employment account and want to join the 31st wave, you can follow the steps below.

  • Login to pre-employment site
  • Then click join
  • Then click on the statement of consent
  • Next you will get confirmation of approval to join wave 31
  • Done


That was an explanation of the Pre-Employment Card and also the Registration of the 31st Pre-Employment Card. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can write them in the comments column below.

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