Han Ga In gets Real About the Struggles and Addresses the Infertility Rumors on Circle House

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Han Ga In talks everything, from fertility to miscarriages on Circle House
Han Ga In talks everything, from fertility to miscarriages on Circle House. cr: Otakukart

In a heart-wrenching episode on SBS’s “Circle House,” actress Han Ga In opened up about her struggles with fertility. On April 15, Han Ga In appeared on Circle House along with MC Lee Seung Gi and Noh Hong Chul. The basic premise of Circle House is that they take a modern-day problem and all the participants on the show try to solve the problem by giving their own takes. This episode took up the issue raised by a young woman. She was basically against dating or having relationships.

Han Ga In Addresses The Pain of Losing a Child

Han Ga In stated that she is proud to be a kangaroo mom. In Korea, kangaroo moms are mothers who are overly doting on their kids. She stated that while she did not have trouble getting pregnant, she soon realized the pain of losing a child when she suffered a miscarriage during the seventh month of her pregnancy. Due to this harrowing experience, she firmly stood by the fact that she is a kangaroo mom – her child comes first before anyone else.

Actress Han Ga In opens up about suffering through a miscarriage
Actress Han Ga In gets candid about her miscarriage on Circle House. cr: SBS

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Actress Han Ga In Opens Up In Circle House

During the segment, actress Han Ga In was asked to weigh in on this topic. Taking the example of her daughter, she was asked if she would be against her daughter not dating anyone. To this, she replied in a mature manner, where she gave her daughter the freedom to do whatever she wanted as she grew up. Even if her daughter was against marriage or dating, all the power lies in her hands, said actress Han Ga In.

Addressing the “infertility” rumors that have followed her around since her marriage, she said that she was too young when she tied the knot. Han Ga In stated that she was only 22 when she met her husband and got married at the age of 24. According to her, people still have to undergo a lot of developments in order to truly be considered mature adults. Moreover, she added that she was still nervous when it came to raising kids. As a solution, she and her husband decided to hold off on having kids until they were older – some 11 years later.

Han Ga In and her husband, Yeon Jung Hoon, got married in 2005. But one of the first questions people would ask the newlyweds was when would they be new parents. Despite the couple not trying to have kids, people automatically assumed that since both the husband and the wife were not parents yet, their marriage would be falling apart. Adding insult to injury, she also revealed that one of the most commonly searched terms about her was related to her being infertile, which was simply not true. All these rumors would add to her stress, making her personal and professional life complicated. Eventually, Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon became parents in 2016 and 2019 to a daughter and a son, respectively.

The Actress Gets Candid About Her Childhood.

Han Ga In also opened up about her childhood during this segment. Instead of beating around the bush, she was able to get honest with her audience and told them the truth regarding her childhood. She stated that her childhood was not the best. At the same time, she stated that she did not hate her father. She also added that while there was a lack of affection between her father and herself, she did not come to expect anything from him as well. Showing indifference, She stated that since she did not have expectations related to her father, she is unable to harbor both positive and negative feelings toward him.

The actress also revealed that the image she had in her mind when it came to her family was a very different one from what she grew up with. She wanted to have a family which was very warm and happy. She wanted a family that was full of laughter and joy when it came to their bonds. There is stew boiling away on the stove, and the father is playing happily with the kids, and it sometimes brings tears to her eyes.

Han Ga In gets real in a new Circle House episode
Han Ga In talks about her estranged relationship with her father and dealing with infertility rumors. cr: SBS

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