How to Check Complete Axis Quota

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How to Check Complete Axis Quota

Each cellular operator provides convenience in the process of checking internet quota. it is useful to provide convenience to customers. If in the past to check it could only be done from a call (dial), but now there are several ways to do it.

Like in Axis, there are three ways you can check your internet quota. And you can choose whichever method is fairly easy and fast to do. Because everyone has their own taste.

Check Axis Quota By Phone

The main way is by phone or rather USSD call. This is an old method, but is still often used today because it is easy and fast to do. And here’s how:

  1. Open call.

  2. Type *123*7*3# and press OK.

  3. Next type the number on the menu Check quota and tap SEND.

  4. Then the quota information will appear on the screen.

Check Quota by Phone

In the example above, the menu for checking regular quotas is at number 2. Meanwhile, for checking other quotas, there are usually more menus available. So please select the number according to the type of internet quota you want to check.

Check Axis Quota Via SMS

This is an old way and will likely be abandoned at some point, and some types of internet quota sometimes have their own way of doing it. As for the regular quota, here’s how:

  1. Open messaging (SMS).

  2. Type QUOTA and send to 123.

  3. Wait a few moments and the quota information will be sent as an SMS reply.

Check Axis Quota Through Applications

And the last is through the application. For me, this method is very easy and fast to check internet quota, because you only need to open the application and after that the quota information will appear. And here are the steps:

  1. Download app Axisnet.

  2. Open the app, and then Enter using your Axis number.

  3. And finished, internet quota information will appear on the homepage.

Check AXIS Quota Through AxisNet Application

Not only internet quota, even other information such as credit or telephone packages or SMS can also be directly displayed on the Axisnet main page. Conditions just need to sign in use only your number, and make sure the internet connection is activated when opening the Axisnet application.

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So between the three, which method do you prefer? Actually there is nothing wrong with learning all the methods above, aka not just choosing one way. Because one day you might want a different way of checking your quota.

If maybe there is something you want to ask about how to check axis quota, I highly recommend commenting in the column below this article to get the solution.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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