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How to Overcome Slow or Slow OMG Quota – The data quota package recently released by Telkomsel is the OMG or Oh My Gygabytes quota. However, not a few OMG quota users have complained about the slow or slow processing of data packets. This quota was proposed by the Telkomsel company to replace the maximum quota for accessing the Internet or other applications.

Due to the great interest of the public in the use of social media or needs related to the Internet, the Telkomsel company presents this OMG quota with the hope that users can easily access it.

Because not a few users complain about the slow processing of OMG quota, here are some explanations and tricks to overcome slow data quota when accessing the Internet.

Telkomsel OMG quota is?

OMG quota is a new Internet data package from Telkomsel as a substitute for the maximum quota. As a Telkomsel product user, it is easy to make transactions to buy data packages through the My Telkomsel application or via UMB * 363 #.

In terms of applications, we offer various services that make it easier for users to use data as a form of Telkomsel business services for loyal Telkomsel customers.

How to Overcome Slow OMG Quota

As we discussed above, the problem for users is that OMG quota has a slight drawback, namely slow processing due to network instability. It should also be noted that the occurrence of this problem not only depends on the type of data quota used, but sometimes the network is not available in an area, so sometimes there is no signal at all.

The OMG quota network itself can be used for networks from 2G, 3G to 4G. However, if the nearest 4G network is not available, you can downgrade to a 3G network.

If this doesn’t resolve the OMG slow Internet quota issue, you can do the following:

  1. First step
    Download the anonymous application, this is the method used as a trick in overcoming the slow OMG quota problem. You can directly download and install this application on your smartphone.

Download Apk

  1. Step Two
    Run the Anonytun application, if the Anonytun application is already installed then open and run the application, how to enter the menu STEALTH SETTINGS see the following view:

  1. Step Three
    Then make settings in the menu Stealth Settings The cursor is then brought to Stealth Tunnelafter that the Stealth Tunnel options section of the cursor slide to “On“. On the menu connection protocol you have to fill “SSL” and on connection port fill with numbers “80” or “443″. After that go to the Advanced SSL setting and scroll to “On“. To make the next step easier, you can pay attention to the following picture:

  1. Step Four
    Go to the Edit SSL Settings menu and follow the settings as in the table below:
Spoof SNI Host emptied
True SSL: checked
Spoof host: checked
Spoof host:
Spoof port: 443

  1. Step Five

When the data is filled in and the settings are direct click OK and continue click SAVE.

  1. Step Six

The last step is to connect to the network back to the main page, then click “CONNECT” to connect to the network..

When all the steps above have been done, you just need to wait until the connection is running. But don’t forget to check if this trick really works or not. The result should be that your Internet speed is now more stable and faster than using OMG quota.

Tips for Smooth and Anti-slow Telkomsel Internet

In addition to the methods described above, you can still use the following tricks to solve problems using Telkomsel’s OMG quota:

Reduce Active Apps

Sometimes we want our smartphone screen to look good and not boring by activating applications on the screen. Even though these apps are active and running in the background, they can quickly drain your phone’s battery and even slow down your phone. Therefore, make sure to disable running screen applications while using your Internet access quota to avoid slow or slow processing.


The next trick is to turn off your smartphone then turn it back on or in other words restart it. This aims to refresh the state of your cellphone so that processing will be lighter. You can also try to turn on/off airplane mode. These methods are proven to be effectively done to help your cellphone easily find a more stable network so that it speeds up the process of searching the internet.

Clear Memory and Cache

Other things that cause cell phone usage to be slow or slow to use is because of the large amount of garbage or cache that has accumulated on your cellphone. In overcoming a lot of trash or cache on your cellphone, you can use several cleaning applications such as clean master, CC cleaner or other applications that are already available, by following the methods you already know.

Many also provide hacking methods or by breaking into servers in order to get a more stable and faster Telkomsel internet connection.

Not a few users have even succeeded in accessing Telkomsel internet for free or quota-free.


What is Telkomsel OMG Quota?

OMG quota is an internet data package that has just been issued by the Telkomsel company as a substitute for maxstrem quota

The new product from Telkomsel, Kuota OMG or Oh My Gygabytes, is the newest Telkomsel Internet Package service to replace MaxStream. By activating this package, customers will be able to easily access the Internet for free through social media and various streaming applications.

How to activate Telkomsel OMG internet package?

By accessing UMB *363# or through the My Telkomsel application.

How much does Telkomsel OMG internet package cost?

There are many types of packages offered by Telkomsel, from internet package prices ranging from Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 100 thousand.

Why is the OMG quota slow?

The reason is because of the lack of cellular networks in your area that are less supportive or because your phone is too full of trash or cache and it could also be because of the settings on your phone.

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