How to Unlock Bootloaders of All Types of HP XIAOMI Latest Update 2022

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In this post, we will tell you about the easiest method to Unlock Bootloader without PC.

Since you want to install Custom Recovery on your device, you need an Unlocked Bootloader on your Android Device.

While you may find lots of tutorials telling you how to do it, most of the methods out there have to be done relying on the help of a PC.

The fact that not everyone has a PC makes Unlocking Bootloader on Xiaomi Android Devices a difficult task.

And therefore, now you can try it here with the guide how to unlock Xiaomi Redmi Bootloader without PC.

Cara Mudah Unlock Bootloader HP Xiaomi

Cara Unlock Bootloader

1. Request Unlock Bootloader

The first step before doing UBL is that we have to ask for approval from Xiaomi.

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Cara Request Unlock Bootloader:

  • Sign in with Mi Account. But before that, first change the language to English. Clicking the English text below.
  • If we are not registered on Mi forums, you will be asked to fill in an alias. Fill in the title as desired, but do not use spaces and characters. Then click Activate.
  • Next we will be directed to the Mi forum in Chinese. Ignore it, go back to Then click Open Now.
  • Fill in the form correctly. You have to fill in your name and mobile number as well as the reason you want to unlock the Bootloader. (If we don’t find this page, or go directly to the Mi Mi download page. First clear the cache in our browser, or use another browser.)
  • If so, tick “I Confirm I have read and accepted the unlocking Disclaimer”. Then click Apply Now.
  • Wait for the message to verify this number. So make sure the mobile number that we enter is active.
  • Then enter the verification code that we received in the column provided. Then click Next.
  • After that, our application will be reviewed first. Wait a few days until we get SMS approval to unlock the Bootloader.

2. Cara Unlock Bootloader

After you get a notification from an SMS containing approval to unlock the bootloader, then do this:

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How to unlock xiaomi bootloader:

  • Download Mi Unlock Tools first here using a computer.
  • When finished downloading then extract the application.
  • Then, run the Miflash_Unlock.exe application run as administrator
  • Here our laptop must be connected to the internet. Then sign in with the same Mi account on the Xiaomi phone. If you sign in with a mobile number, you will have to use the +62 top-up. Otherwise, the account alert does not exist.
  • Turn off your HP. Then turn it back on by pressing the Power + Volume Down button simultaneously until the Fastboot logo appears.
  • Connect your xiaomi cellphone to the PC using a data cable.
  • Wait a few moments until the unlocking process is complete. Unlock status will be displayed successfully. Then tap on Restart Phone.

Note: If your XIAOMI cellphone can’t connect. Install MiUsbDriver.exe in Mi Unlock Tools folder. Then disconnect and reconnect Xiaomi to your computer.

As for the advantages and disadvantages if you unlock the bootloader, here’s an explanation:

Advantages of Unlock Bootloader:

  • After unlocking the boot loader, we can easily access root, change rooms, install XPOSED, TWRP etc.
  • We may make adjustments or modifications to improve the performance of our Xiaomi phones.
  • It’s easier to deal with when Bootloop gets infected with your phone.

Lack of Unlock Bootloader

  • In terms of security, mobile phones are becoming more vulnerable to various attacks such as malware.
  • Applications that require a high level of security cannot run. Like mobile banking.
  • Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages if we do UBL (Unload Bootloader) on our Xiaomi cellphones.

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That’s how to unlock the XIAOMI HP bootloader that you can follow, good luck, thank you.

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