“I Tried Davina McCall’s Wellness Vacation – This Is What It Was Like”
“I Tried Davina McCall’s Wellness Vacation – This Is What It Was Like”

“I Tried Davina McCall’s Wellness Vacation – This Is What It Was Like”

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Along with being a successful presenter, Davina McCall, 54, is known for her rock-hard abs and dedication to fitness. Just one look at her Instagram and you’ll realize that she works hard to maintain her athletic physique. The Long Lost Families star tested TUI’s wellness menu, so when I was offered to try it myself in sunny Croatia, I was in for it.

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Put aside your visions of hellish bootcamp classes and sip nothing but smoothies, for TUI, the wellness experience is about “finding your happiness”. Whether it’s a languid day spent at the spa or trying out volleyball, the itinerary is there to suit your needs.

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A picturesque stay

Our base was the TUI Blue Jadran, directly on Tučepi beach. It’s about 1.5 hours from Split airport and you’ll find it tucked away in a secluded location.

The TUI Blue Jadran is located on an idyllic beach

The hotel has a mountainous backdrop that almost looks like a green screen because it’s so scenic. You wouldn’t believe it if you weren’t riding the winding mountain roads to get from place to place.

Although all beaches in Croatia are public by law, only locals have clung to the pristine expanse of pebbles onto which the hotel opens, so peace is available in abundance.

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Make Fitness Fun

Croatia is perfect for exploring by sea, and one day we embarked on an island-hopping speedboat tour to visit Brač, Hvar and Milna.

Tried a range of fitness classes during my stay

Descending to the famous Golden Horn beach on the island of Brač, we instantly timed a giant inflatable obstacle course. Soaking up the sun from the shore or paddling in the crystal clear waters would have been idyllic, that would be a lot more fun, right? This is one of those activities where you train without really realizing it and that involved unintended abdominal training due to the constant belly laughs.

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For another water workout, consider renting a paddleboard from the hotel. Test your core strength by standing up when it’s windy and rippling and be sure your arms will get a good workout too.

Pool time and spa time were also on the menu

As for fitness, I tried HIIT, Pilates, a functional workout (read: circuits), and a yoga class, all reserved on their practical application. With yoga flows ended with a few minutes of lying down and gazing at the tall trees and piercing blue sky. Breathing in the sea air, I began to understand my own definition of well-being.

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During each activity, I found myself thinking “I bet Davina was good at this” and the TUI PR, who accompanied Davina on her wellness break, confirmed my suspicions. The superwoman is good at everything. Also, despite being offered VIP space while at TUI Blue in Turkey, the mum-of-three preferred to mingle with guests, lounging quietly by the pool with partner Michael Douglas. during his free time.

Food, wine and relaxation

As I mentioned, TUI’s wellness offering isn’t about smoothies and 500-calorie meals. Of course, you can eat super healthy at the buffet if you want, but there’s also a chance to indulge yourself, Croatian style. The locals speak passionately about their wine offering, and after tasting a few, you probably will too. Graševina is the most popular type of wine, and a glass of Pošip in the sun is simply delicious!

Breakfast started out healthy, then…

Fresh fish is a menu staple given the surroundings, and proximity to Italy means the pasta dishes and pizza options are also winners. Try Chevap (beef and pork kebab) for a casual meal and order a steak while you’re there.

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The hotel is beautiful, morning and evening

Relaxation was also on the agenda at TUI Blue Jadran, and I booked in for a hot stone massage which was 50 minutes of uninterrupted heaven. My aching muscles were treated with heat from the stones, and I left the spa feeling renewed. I certainly found my bliss, and will be back for more.

TUI offers a 7-night vacation in Croatia by staying at 5T TUI BLUE Jadran on half board. Prices from £535 per person. Price is based on two adults sharing a twin room with garden view and balcony, flights from London Gatwick Airport on 3rd October 2022 and transfers. To find out more about this holiday or to book, go to tui.co.uk, visit your local TUI holiday store or download the app.

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