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SELL a house, even jewelry at the pawnshop. That is the confession of AIIahyarhamah actress and singer, Adibah Noor who made a revelation about her condition who is also struggling with financial problems following the last C0vid-19 pandemic.

Everyone has difficulties during the Peri.ntah Movement Control (PKP) then including Kak Dib or Adibah Noor.

The revelation was made by Adibah through two short videos uploaded on her Twltter site two years ago following receiving many messages from people asking for financial assistance.

But AIIahyarhamah still helped in all his efforts. This article was re -uploaded remembering the kindness of the deceased who was willing to help others even if he had to sell the house. Noble heart.

According to real name owner Adibah Noor Mohamed Omar, 52, the explanation was to give a true picture of her financial situation.

“I received many direct messages (DM) and pri.vate messages (PM) asking for financial assistance. Wherever I can help, I will indeed help.

“Art workers like me who are in front of the camera and on stage, really look like me.wah, they often upload videos or pictures to show that we are still active in the field of art.

“The fact is that during the PKP, I did not have a job at all and no income.

“So after PKP, which is in the recovery phase, only then can we get job offers little by little for acting, singing and so on,” said Adibah.

However, added the singer of the song Istimewa, the baya.ran he received after PKP is no longer the same as before the start of pan.demik C0vid-19, even much lower.

“The price we receive is not as luxurious as the price received before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“However, I just take any offer. At least I have my own income, ”he said.

In the same partnership, Adibah also admitted that she had to sell her house and buy her belongings to overcome the financial problems she faced during the last PKP period.

“I’m not ashamed to tell, many things I’ve already sold. I sold the house, the jewelry was in the pawnshop.

“I’m not ashamed to say that I also experience difficulties or difficulties financially, but we try to find our own way,” he said.

Due to the situation, Adibah explained, she could not extend assistance to those involved.

“Honestly, I want to tell you who are asking for mercy and help, I can’t help because I have just returned to work.

“Even when my PKP had no job and no income, I still had to pay the employee’s salary and provide food for my 37 pet kittens.

“I do not want to complain, this is also not an outpouring of feelings to gain sympathy, I just want to tell the fact that I also have my own problems.

“I’m sorry I can’t help others because I have to help myself.

“Whatever it is, I pray that we can all earn a living. May GOD make all our affairs easier, ”said the deceased two years ago.


Adibah Noor breathed her last at Gleneagles Hospital, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, at 7.30pm, believed to be the cause of stage four uterine cancer.

The body of AIIahyarhamah Adibah was brought to Al Ansar Mosque, Keramat at 9 am to be bathed and shrouded and dis0latkan. The body was buried at the Tanah Keramat Permai Islamic Cemetery at 10:30 am.

Condolences to the family.

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