Profitable Stock Investment 2022
Profitable Stock Investment 2022

Profitable Stock Investment 2022

Posted on – In a year that value stock should pull stocks on growth, it’s the last to be pulled forward. The growth of the S&P 500 Bath Capped index delivered a total return of just more than 32%, while the value of the S&P 500’s Casped index returned approximately 25%.

Strategists, most still bet on the value of the stock. However, Brian Price, senior vice president of investment management and research, makes an optimistic case for growth:

“The bull case for growth comes from a world emerging from the pandemic, with a viable economy, moderate inflation, and gradually rising interest rates,” he said. “In this kind of market environment, growth is likely to continue to increase in value.”

Although he cautioned that “it is unlikely that growth will develop at the scale seen between 2015 and 2020.”

That sets out perhaps a more difficult scenario for investor growth in 2022. While investors may make excellent investments in growth traded funds (ETFs) over a longer time horizon, individual stocks could be the way to go in an unfavorable 2022 environment style. as a whole.


Even though Pinterest (Pin, $31.11) lost nearly 60% of its value in the last 12 months, only one analyst has a selling point for the social media platform. In addition, the main target for pins is $50.57, providing investors with a lot of risk tolerance.

CFRA research analyst Angelo Zino is one of the most highly rated analysts, who says stocks are selling at a discount.

Zino acknowledged that weaker consumer engagement and changes to Apple’s (AAPL) Privacy Policy could create headwinds for pins in the first half of the year. However, “a more attractive valuation, easier comparison by the second half, and potential new strategic options (M&A) are all not positive,” he wrote.

Analysts added that shopping engagements are still a “big opportunity” for Pinterest, and revenue growth will come from international users and greater monetization of its current base.

Pinterest reported third-quarter results in early November. The company posted impressive year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth of 43%, while monthly active users (MAUs) rose a modest 1% from a year earlier to 444 million.

International company Mayus grew 4% YoY in the third quarter 356 million. Furthermore, international revenue increased 96% from the year before $135 million. International users currently account for more than 80% of the total MAUs.

In terms of average revenue per user (ARPU), the ace figure comes in at $5.55 (+44% higher YoY) and 38 international cents (+81% YoY).

Pinterest has adjusted its EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) in the third quarter of $201 million, 117% more than a year earlier.

At this level, PIN appears on its way to delivering the company’s first annual profit. That’s something positive to take into 2022.


Following a 61% gain in 2021, Trex (TREX, $95.23) is entering big-cap – or at least solidly mid-cap – territory. While unlikely to repeat the previous year’s strong performance, it has an impressive 15 years of canceling a total return of 25.4%. In other words, anything is possible for Virginia-based creators of alternative wood-decking and fencing products.

The movement from wood to composite decking is expected to continue in 2022. Annual sales and sales grew per share (EPS) by 17% and 20%, respectively, over the last three fiscal years. The forecast for EPS in 2021 is $2.11 (+36.1% YoY). Which is expected to increase to $2.57 per share in 2022.

Trex only started business in 1996. Composite accounts for 25% of all decks in the US, and is projected to rise by 2% daily for the foreseeable future, said CEO Bryan Fairbanks in three-quarters of the company’s earnings.

To accommodate continued growth, TREX said late last year that it was building a new production facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. This will see the company invest $400 million to ensure production begins at the plant by 2024. This will be Trex’s third US plant.

Not only is it the best growth stock for 2022, but it’s a great choice for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investors.

“The Trex company is a leader not only in the manufacture of environmentally friendly products, but also in its commitment to sustain in its operations,” analyst William Blair (Outperform) said.

“Trex is our favorite mobile growth story and a drama about the demand for outdoor living and wood conversion,” it adds. “The response from COVID-19 has accelerated the already strong trend towards outdoor living, and the launch of a high-level product line is expanding the company’s total addressable market.”

Merkel expects Trex to grow its EPS at 15%-20% per year over the long term. As a result, investors can expect this to increase the share price in 2022 and beyond.

Servidian HCM Holding

Analysts are mixed as Ceridian HCM holds (day, $77.65). However, the overall view is a bit cheeky towards cloud-based Providers and human capital management solutions, with a consensus buy rating. Plus, the $111.31 average target price provides a decent amount worth of potential upside in 2022.

That’s a good thing because 2021 was a bad year for CDAY shareholders relative to the broader equity market. The stock lost 2.0% compared to a total return of 28.7% for the S&P 500 index.

What lies ahead in 2022?

A September survey commissioned by the company on employees’ attitudes to their paychecks could finally lead to a change in how people are paid in the workplace. Peak found that 80% of the 1,004 adults (18 and older) participating in the survey wanted to be paid daily in what became known as “paid streaming.”

“With streaming pay, employers are giving workers more control over their financial well-being,” said Seth Ross, General Manager of Dayforce Wallet and customer service at Ceridian. “That means offering people the peace of mind to cover unexpected costs or the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities they might not otherwise.”

And it is likely to benefit from such a move by the employer.

In November, analyst Mark Marcon (Outperform) wrote about his time spent in Las Vegas and New York at the annual human resources conference session.

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