Two Reasons That Must Be Known If You Want To Buy A House Or Apartment

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Reddit.Ges-r.Com – Houses and apartments are expensive assets that are widely used for investment purposes or for living. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, it’s just that we have to be smart in adjusting our investment plans as well as our risk profile. There are several things that must be our points of consideration, the main ones are: ownership status, risk of handing over the housing unit / apartment, maintenance costs and market share if for investment purposes, or the surrounding environment if you want to be inhabited.

Especially for apartments, focus your attention on the developer profile because the level of project completion and the project failure rate, aka “stalling” is quite balanced. If you want to take an apartment, make sure the land around the site is already expensive, at least above 10 million per meter. If the price of land on the spot is still cheap, generally the apartment will not sell, and your investment will be in vain, because the price will not increase significantly. Even if it goes up, the movement tends to be insignificant.

If you buy a house, this is the profit you get

For those who prefer to buy a house rather than an apartment, the advantage is clearer land ownership, in the sense of not having to share it with others. It’s just that houses in strategic locations in the city center are very expensive, can be up to twice the price of apartments. But the house has a standard size, at least for family and neighbors to live.

This is different from apartments which are usually only for sleeping, working and minimally socializing with neighbors in the same apartment. Not to mention, the number of vacant apartment rooms because the owner only rents it or is investing (waiting for prices to rise and then selling again). For those of you who like home sites and socialize with lots of people, it’s okay to buy a house as long as Money is available.

For Those Who Feel Better About Buying An Apartment, This Is The Reason

Both bought houses and apartments, the ownership of which was equally clear. Just a different shape. This apartment is in the form of SHM Strata title ownership, aka jointly owned land, while the full house is SHM or own land. This apartment has advantages in terms of prestige for a “cooler” lifestyle in terms of socializing for the Jet Set class community.

In addition, if the relationship in your apartment is good, it could be that you who live in the apartment get a community of friends from people who have money. This can be important for the survival of your career or business in the future.

Meanwhile, if you live in housing, for the same price class as apartments, you will only get suburban or even out-of-town locations with middle and lower levels of association. Of course this is not attractive in terms of your career or business compared to an apartment.

Another consideration to consider is housing facilities. For housing, usually only in public facilities (fasum) or at most a club house class which contains a garden, to a swimming pool. Unlike the case with apartments which usually provide club house class facilities, they also provide other facilities such as apartment units for businesses to locations for joint work (co working space) which are currently trending.

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