When is Apex Legends Season 14? Season 13 end date, new Legend, map changes & more

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New details surrounding unreleased Apex Legends character Vantage have been revealed, giving fans an idea of the abilities they will bring to the game.

Every season Apex Legends players are gifted a brand-new Legend to master. Season 13 brought Newcastle, who fans have discovered some great tips and tricks with.

Now, we officially have news on who the new Legend will be for Apex Legends Season 14, which is titled “Hunted.” Vantage will arrive when the season drops, bringing a sniper specialist to the roster.

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Who is Vantage in Apex Legends?

Vantage has officially been revealed by EA as the Season 14 Legend with the Stories from the Outlands episode released on July 25 entitled “Survive.”

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Vantage is from Pagos, a “barren ice planet” that taught the character how to become the “ultimate survivor.” After a near-death experience in a crashed spaceship, Vantage is saved by her mother, allowing her to join the Apex Games after being rescued.

According to dataminers, Vantage is listed as a “Survivalist Sniper,” and could have links to the Recon Legend Bloodhound. New Apex Legends characters often have some sort of connection to an existing Legend, like Newcastle and Bangalore, Loba and Revenant, and Horizon and Ash.

Vantage’s outfit looks very similar to Bloodhound’s, and the abilities match that of a Recon character, sharing another similarity to Bloodhound, so perhaps there is a connection there.

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Apex Legends Vantage leaked abilities

According to leaks, Vantage is said to be a Recon Legend whose abilities are based on Snipers and tracking the enemy’s location.

Here are all of Vantage’s abilities thanks to leaked gameplay:

  • Passive: Sniper Kit – Tactical info available in ADS unarmed or any long-range scopes (Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range).
  • Tactical: Echo Launch – Launch towards your winged companion, Echo. Order Echo by tapping Q. Launch to Echo by holding Q.
  • Ultimate: Mark to Kill – A custom rifle that scans enemies and boosts damage for Vantage and her squad. Damage doubles for Vantage on successive shots. The team gets a 15% bonus on marked targets.

As you can see, Vantage is a hunter/Recon type of character with a focus on long-range weaponry. This is definitely the character for those who love using Snipers and Marksman Rifles in Apex Legends, as her kit is suited to that kind of playstyle.

On July 21, the Apex Legends developers tweeted a teaser consisting of six diary entries that were seemingly written by a child. The diary pages also featured a few caricatures and sketches.

The last entry shows a detailed sketch of a sniper rifle, so it’s possible that the diary belongs to the Legend Vantage.

Remember, these are just leaks, and there is currently no official information regarding Vantage’s abilities. While the character will arrive with Season 14 on August 9, the abilities could look completely different so keep that in mind.

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