Who Is Charmaine Bingwa? Ethnicity Husband & Age Of The Actress
Who Is Charmaine Bingwa? Ethnicity Husband & Age Of The Actress

Who Is Charmaine Bingwa? Ethnicity Husband & Age Of The Actress

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Charmaine Bingwa, a Zimbabwean-Australian actress known for her roles as Carmen Moyo in The Good Fight, also starred in Black Box as Miranda Books, part of Amazon’s Welcome to the Bluehouse anthology film series. Let’s know her more through this post.

The actress was awarded the prestigious Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2018, which was judged by Oscar winner Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Debicki, Jeremy Podeswa, Carmen Cuba, Gregor Jordan, and Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

In 2018, Bingwa also received the Equity Atlantic Award by the Australian. She also acted in Nekrotronic alongside Monica Bellucci, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival.

In the award-winning series, “Little Sista,” which won Best Screenplay at the LGBT Toronto Film Festival, Bingwa starred, wrote, produced, and directed, which now streams on the international streaming channel Revry.

Bingwa even received a critical response for her German-Australian LGBT short film “Stille Nacht,” which premiered at BAFTA Recognized film festival Flickerfest and Academy Qualifying.

Who is Charmaine Bingwa?

Charmaine Bingwa is an Australian actress, and she started her career as a singer after completing her Bachelor of Music at the University.

The actress took acting as one of her final electives. In addition to her music degree, she completed the acting course, and after graduating, she signed with an acting agent. She made her first appearance on screen in 2013.

She won critical acclaim for In the stage role Doubt: A Parable starring Mrs. Muller, and received a Sydney Theatre Awards nomination.

She even won the Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance Scholarship to study at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York in 2018 and won the Heath Ledger Scholarship, becoming the first woman of color and openly gay recipient.

Meet Charmaine Bingwa.
An openly gay, Zimbabwean-Australian woman from WA, Bingwa has won the 2018 Heath Ledger Scholarship, which will support her while she sets out to achieve her dreams in Hollywood. https://t.co/z7llOpQYvN

On June 10, 2022, Bingwa’s new film is about to be released named. “Trees of Peace,” tells the story of four women from different backgrounds forging an unbreakable sisterhood while trapped and in hiding during the genocide in Rwanda. It is inspired by true events.

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Charmaine Bingwa’s Age & Ethnicity

Charmaine Bingwa is 36 years old and was born in Perth, Western Australia, but her parents immigrated to the country from Zimbabwe. She feels a close connection with both of the cultures that made her who she is now.

Charmaine Champion
Charmaine Champion

Though Bingwa lives in Australia, she had to move to the US as it’s a larger size industry. In an interview, she told that Australia is a great country, but for the types of roles and projects she wanted, there was really no option but to be over in the US.

Charmaine Bingwa’s Husband

Charmaine Bingwa does not have a husband. She is single and currently not dating anyone.

The actress has yet to find her partner as she is busy with her professional career and has no previous relationship. She is secretive about her personal life.

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