10 Hobbies That Can Be An Online Business Opportunity

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Pinjamanonline.redaksikerja.com 10 Hobbies That Can Be An Online Business Opportunity – There are many online businesses in today’s digital age, from healthy cooking, service offerings to hobby distributors. Isn’t there a saying like: “the most enjoyable job in the world is a paid hobby?”

In fact, working based on hobbies can make a person more focused, so the results he gets also tend to be more optimal. Work that is happily done will feel light, no matter how strenuous and challenging it may be.

Especially if the work you do is a hobby; not only so much fun, but also the coffers of income.

This is why choosing a hobby-based business is highly recommended for those of you who are in the business for the first time. That way, it is not impossible for you to become a successful entrepreneur because your business is based on passion and interest.

10 Hobbies That Can Be An Online Business Opportunity

From these online business ideas, the following authors recommend 10 hobbies that can create lucrative online business opportunities, including:


For those of you who don’t work in the creative industry, of course this hobby is not so familiar. Copywriters can be compared to writers who are in charge of content promotion or company marketing.

The writing style used by copywriters also varies; can be through websites, social networks and Other Publishing channels. This type of work is often found in digital agencies or companies engaged in the media sector.

If you have a hobby of writing persuasive promotional content, this type of work can be used as an online business opportunity. Especially during the pandemic, offline marketing activities cannot work optimally.

In order for promotional materials to continue to get maximum audience engagement, many companies are changing their marketing activities through digital media. Therefore, a reliable copywriter service is required.


Do you have a lot of followers on social media? If so, you can leverage the country to offer influencer services. Today, influencers are in high demand in the marketing world, because companies need someone who can influence many people.

An influencer will promote various company products that use his services. Usually, the minimum number of influencer followers is 10,000. Include a contact in your profile bio so companies can easily contact you and bid as an influencer.

Tutor Online

Having excellent academic achievements during your education is proof that you really have a passion for learning. So that your learning hobby can turn into money, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of these achievements by becoming an online tutor.

Today, there are many online training institutes or educational platforms available on the Internet. You may be able to implement some of them. Especially during a pandemic like today, there are still many schools and universities that have not started face-to-face learning.


Becoming a dropshipper is an online business that is loved by the general public. Because, becoming a dropshipper does not require a large capital, but only utilizes an Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone.

If you have a hobby of “playing” with makeup tools and have knowledge about it, then there is nothing wrong with participating in selling these products online as a dropshipper.

The job of the dropshipper is only to forward the buyer’s order to the supplier of goods, or it can be said that he is an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier of the goods. To start this online business, you must first find a supplier (supplier of goods).

Affiliate Marketing

You may not be familiar with affiliate marketing, but what about referrals? The term referral is widely used by companies to increase the number of users of applications or services from these companies, such as forex brokers, for example.

Therefore, this referral system can be a code that other people will enter when they want to buy or use the service.

If the transaction is successful, you will get a commission from the company concerned as a form of reward for the assistance that has been given to the client.

Online Consulting Service

If you have a hobby of collecting certificates for various trainings, both domestic and international, you can open an online consulting service.

You can provide finance, marketing, consulting to companies depending on your capacity and certifications, as well as the quality knowledge and experience associated with them.

To start this business, you need to have a website that can accommodate support and chat services such as email, WhatsApp and other communication channels. The goal is for you to easily communicate with customers.

Film Review Writer

For most people, watching movies in their spare time has become a frequent hobby and habit. If you are a person who is “against” missing out on a new film and you like to be confused here and there about the film, then being a film review writer might be the type of job for you.

Try to join a few sites dedicated to movie reviews, both upcoming and previously shown movies.

Editor Video

Just like posting edited videos on various social networks and getting good response from followers, this is proof that you have excellent video editing skills. This skill should not be wasted. Instead, try expanding it by offering an online video editing service.

Currently, the demand for video editing is quite a lot, considering that almost all companies are starting to penetrate the digital world. The need for promotional materials in the form of videos to be published through various digital media such as YouTube, TikTok and other social networks is the reason why video editors can be a promising online business opportunity.


Have you ever seen a creative to which an illustration image has been added? This is a form of promotion carried out by companies to make the message easier for everyone to understand.

It is the job of an illustrator as a supplier of illustrative images to clarify the intent and purpose of the promotional material.

If you like to create illustrations such as diagrams, statistics, etc., you can offer this online service to a company or a friend. Create an online portfolio first on a collection of images that have been made previously as a reference for potential clients.


The newest online business opportunity is translators, also known as translators. This type of business is very suitable for those of you who master several foreign languages. You can offer this translation service over the Internet easily.

The ten online business opportunities above are ideas that come from everyday hobbies. Even if it’s just a hobby, it’s not impossible if the hobby can become a “money pocket” if you are serious about fighting.

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