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The Ant Code – Interpreting dreams into reality is not easy and not everyone can do it. This problem is quite common considering there is no topic for ijtihad dreams in law school or class.

Until now, dreams are still a “secret” for most people. Events in which we contemplate dreams, such as “scary” dreams, sometimes make the person experiencing the dream scary but feel powerless to understand the meaning behind the dream.

Myths about dreams circulate in our lives, for example if you dream of losing your teeth, someone from your family may die, or a dream where you are bitten by a snake can be close to your soul mate.

This problem is quite common because of the lack of knowledge about dream ijtihad and the large number of people who testify to the existence of “doctrine”.

Indeed, if we want to find news about dream ijtihad, there are several versions. Starting from the meaning of dreams according to Javanese primitive predictions, ijtihad dreams according to Islam, the meaning of dreams according to psychology, understanding dreams according to Erek Erek and understanding dreams according to natural rules.

Well, on this umpteenth occasion, we want to try to spread the word about the meaning of dreaming / ijtihad eating rice with lots of ants in various versions.

Ant Code
Ant Code

Ant Code Collection

In addition to Erek Erek, traumatic ants and animal kingdom ants above, we have also listed below the complete meaning of 2D 3D 4D ant dreams with the following moments from your dear friend’s dream moments.

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Reference sources :


Natural code for ant bites

In Ijtihad, a dream expert named Mbah Kromo, a dream expert, said that correctly understanding the dream of killing black ants means that you can earn a lot of money by opening up with your family or looking for a new business or venture.

The natural code that corresponds to the dream of being bitten by an ant is:

  • 2D (99-23)
  • 3D (245-465)
  • 4D (9983-6549).

Black ant kingdom code

As in dream books and Sanskrit books,

From there we can clearly see the problem of understanding the dream of seeing colored ants, it means that you have problems related to the intentions you have proposed so far.

The natural code that corresponds to the dream of the Black Ant Kingdom Code is:

  • 2D (97-11)
  • 3D (444-291)
  • 4D (3434-4490).

Natural code of many ants

If in Javanese primbon the book of Mujarobat you dream of seeing many black ants, it means that in your life so far you can gain very broad knowledge.

The code of nature corresponds to many ants, namely:

2D (65-35)
3D (998-335)
4D (0900-2445).

Nature’s food code when eating ants

According to Ki Joko Bodo, Dream Ijtihad Expert, if you dream of being swarmed by black ants, it could be a sign that you get some food that comes from an unexpected direction.

But if you dream of being surrounded by braided ants, you have to be careful, because this can signal the beginning of a disaster that will befall your family.

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The code for the game Food in Eat the Ants is:

  • 2D (88-54)
  • 3D (998-446)
  • 4D (0909-7668).

Nature code attacked by ants

According to ijtihad experts, if one dreams of being swarmed by ants, it means that if one can fight a love relationship, the relationship can have a good impact, or maybe vice versa.

The natural code to be attacked by ants is:

  • 2D (24-39)
  • 3D (188-943)
  • 4D (5028-9267).

The code of nature is bitten by a red ant

This dream is a dream that feels like a lie, especially for those who can manage it.

And Javanese primbon code that anyone who dreams of being bitten by a red ant may be able to overcome some big obstacles in their life that you must overcome.

The natural code in Red Ant Bite is:

  • 2D (07-49)
  • 3D (220-521)
  • 4D (1991-7222).

The code of nature is bitten by a black ant

According to Javanese primbon, people who dream of being bitten by black ants means a lot of alms in the near future,

That’s why it’s important for you to be grateful. The figure or crane in this dream is:

  • 2D (28-19)
  • 3D (407-329)
  • 4D (2332-5490).

Nature’s code thumb is bitten by ants

Sad to hear his dream, he said, when someone dreams of being bitten by an ant, his thumb is a sign that the business you are building may meet obstacles.

and may have a wasted effect. In this dream, the corresponding numbers are:

  • 2D (09-19)
  • 3D (177-437)
  • 4D (3466-2755).
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The code of nature is bitten by an ant in the hand

Primbon Java provides a code that for example has the meaning of knowledge in life for everyone who dreams of seeing ants; when someone is successful

Results cannot be seen, but the process needs to be understood. If this dream, then the number of erections is:

  • 2D (21-65)
  • 3D (277-704)
  • 4D (1129-4287).

Ant nest trait code

Ijtihad experts predict that people who dream of seeing cooking ants mean you no longer need to worry about the comfort of your life now.

What’s the matter, you can destroy it too. The numbers that play in this dream are:

  • 2D (27-08)
  • 3D (263-067)
  • 4D (3024-6998).

Ant swarm code

It is better to be alert and alert when experiencing the dream, because the primbon says that those who carry it out can be harmed in their work.

and the funny thing is that his limit is the people he trusted in the past (people close to him). The correct natural code for this dream is:

  • 2D (18-21)
  • 3D (226-676)
  • 4D (2009-5255).

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