4 Easy Ways to Overcome Can’t Login on Valorant

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When you want to play Valorant but you can’t Join. This problem has been experienced by almost all Valorant players.

A common cause of this problem is that the internet connection you are using is not stable to moderate maintenance. Although it is possible that there are other causes as well.

Well, if you are experiencing this problem, here I will discuss how to deal with Valorant not being able to login.

How to Overcome Valorant Account Cannot Login

To make us able to log back in normally in Valorant, there are four ways you can do. Ensure internet connection, restart, check login data to ask for help from support

Here’s the full discussion:

1. Check Internet Connection

Check Connection to Play Valorant

For the first step, you can try to check the internet connection that is used first. That is whether the connection you are using is stable or not.

Because to be able to play Valorant, a stable connection is needed. Especially when logging in screen the one at the beginning.

When the connection is unstable, generally your PC or laptop will trapped. Valorant can’t log into the desired account or something else.

Well, you can try changing the connection to another provider. If you use WiFi, it is recommended to use a wired connection so there is no lost package.

2. Restart PC/Laptop

The problem of Valorant not being able to log into your account can sometimes be easily resolved by restarting the PC or laptop you are using.

After restarting, the Valorant will be able to re-enter the game as usual.

Besides being able to solve the problem of not being able to log in, this method can also be used for those of you who open Valorant, but the game doesn’t seem to be running.

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3. Make sure the login data is correct

Check Valorant Login Data

At the time of initial login, you must make sure the data entered is correct. Well it’s in last name as well as in password.

Because when you typoautomatically later you will not be able to log into the desired account.

Please check your account login data again. If necessary, try to change password through the account menu on the official Riot Games website.

4. Reset Account Via Riot Support

Finally you can reset your account via Riot Support.

This method can be used if you really have problems with the account you are using. For example, you have filled in the login data correctly but the login still fails.

With a note, make sure you still have first email
or the first email from the pre-registered Valorant account.

The steps themselves are as follows:

1. First, please open the page recover account on the official Riot Games website.

2. Fill in the menu Username and Region according to your account information.

Enter Valorant Account Username

3. Next scroll
down on the page.

4. Fill in the registration information form. Here, please enter the email used for Riot account registration and select an option FROM.

5. Finally, tap the button Restore.

Complete the Riot Account Registration Information Form

After the account is restored, you can try it Join Valorant account is back. In this way, the account will be able to log in normally again as usual.

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The final word

Those are the ways to deal with a Valorant account that can’t work Join. This problem is experienced by many Valorant players.

And to work around this, make sure you’ve followed all the tips described earlier.

For those who are still confused, please just ask. You can send your questions in the comments column below.

May be useful.

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