5 Benefits of Suji Leaves for Health

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Not only as food coloring, suji leaves also have a myriad of health benefits. Starting from overcoming coughs to dysentery.

Suji leaf or Dracaena angustifolia is a plant that is often used as a food coloring. This dark green, tape-shaped, elongated and pointed plant is known as a source of chlorophyll.

As a cooking ingredient, suji leaves can produce a darker green color than pandan. However, unlike pandanus, suji leaves do not have an aroma.

In addition, suji leaves also contain vitamin C and a number of substances that are very good for the body. Here below are 5 benefits of suji leaves for health.

1. Relieves Menstrual Pain

Abdominal pain experienced before or during menstruation is common in women. The pain arises because the body secretes more hormones.

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The content of compounds in suji leaves is useful for reducing inflammation and is believed to be able to reduce pain during menstruation.

2. Weight gain

The benefits of suji leaves that are not widely known by people are its ability to increase appetite.

For those of you who are trying to gain weight in a healthy way, you can mix suji leaf juice into your food.

3. Treating Toothache

You can also use this suji leaf boiled water as a mouthwash to treat toothache which is usually caused by several factors.

4. Overcoming Breathing Disorders

Not only respiratory disorders caused by asthma, with the flavonoid content of suji leaves, it is effective in overcoming coughs, shortness of breath, to nourish the lungs.

5. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Another benefit of suji leaves is to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. This is supported by a study which found that suji leaf extract can lower cholesterol levels.


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