Back to Friday Prayers, PU Riz Buys Neelofa LV Bracelet

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Every popular celebrity partnership, Neelofa will definitely be the focus of a lot of people. So much so that recently a video featured her husband, rice pu wearing a boyfriend is also a gossip.

Recently, a sharing video uploaded by the former MeleTOP lawyer stole the attention where Neelofa shared when she received a gift from her husband.

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May Allah always bless in the abundance of husband’s sustenance & make it easier for every work he does??

? Destiny of Love – Lesti & Rizky Billar

Through the entry, Neelofa said that it was not the first time her husband made a surprise for her and prayed that her husband would be blessed and be eased in doing anything.

“Today’s story, the husband came home from Friday prayers with gifts. Surprised, overwhelmed, happy, grateful and all feeling happy alhamdulillah.

“Actually, this is not the first time that Ustadz has bought and given a surprise. Lofa likes to watch videos when her husband gives gifts to his wife. Pray for the blessings of our household,” he wrote.

Neelofa’s partnership received various reactions from netizens who were happy to see the couple and wished that their marriage would last until the end of their lives.

Neelofa and PU Riz got married on March 27 last year. The couple is blessed with a bright-eyed man named Muhammad Bilal.

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