Carbon Bank Review |  Create a Free Digital Banking Account
Carbon Bank Review | Create a Free Digital Banking Account

Carbon Bank Review | Create a Free Digital Banking Account

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Think of the stress and time wasted sometimes opening an account from a brick and block bank (a physical banking place), or trying to get into trouble with transactions in your account. It is impressive to know that there is a credible digital banking platform that allows you to make the same transactions including getting a loan as you apply from a physical bank.

Customer service is top notch with other services you will definitely want to hear about.

Digital banking platforms provide a very competitive rate of change, some services are even offered for free. In contrast to brick and block banks.

We have almost monitored cabon bank also known as “digital bank” or “online bank”. Cabon is one of the best online banking platforms in Nigeria that you can rely on.

Below is a review of the Carbon bank.

What is Carbon Digital Banking?

Carbon bank is a credible online banking platform that allows users to perform a series of financial transactions. Carbon is known for its simple looks but loaded with the best features to improve the lives of its users across the country.

At Carbon, you get a free Carbon bank account, pay bills, transfer money, get instant loans, and enjoy high-interest savings, all in one place.

Carbon bank account – With a Carbon account, you can receive and send money to other banks.

Paying bills – You can pay bills such as water bills, electricity bills, cable tv, airlines, and more. The transaction process is fast and very convenient.

Instant loan approval – Inside your account is where you can apply for an instant loan. Loans are approved based on certain criteria; such as checking your Carbon account history – with a consistent and adequate transaction history. This includes considering your history in other browsers and recent details about you.

High interest savings – You can set aside money (a kind of savings) to earn interest. You can earn up to 15.5% interest per year.

API Integration- The Carbon Bank also has special features for businesses. Through API integration businesses successfully transact with their customers from all over the world.

cards – If you want to have a carbon Virtue card, this is it. But that’s not all; it offers MasterCard and Visa virtual cards. The Carbon virtue card offers fantastic features that are unusual in its space. As an example; With your Carbon virtual card, you can convert your local currency to dollars and vasa vices, allowing you to shop worldwide.

So here, you get Visa and Master Cards, Physical and virtual cards – all in one account!

Carbon offers TWO different account variations; Personal and Business Accounts. Both offer almost the same features, but there are still differences between the two accounts.

Digital Carbon Personal Account

As the name implies, it is private, where your transactions are made on your behalf. That is, it is recognized as a single person (not a business) running the account.

In this case, creating a Carbon digital account will only require information about you; name, address, means of personal identification, etc.

Personal accounts generally have limits on how many transactions can be made each day, whether sending money, paying bills, etc. The same is true for Carbon’s digital personal account.

How to Create a Carbon Personal Digital Bank Account

Through the Carbon bank registration process, it seems that registering from the Carbon Mobile app is the only option. But it can go further through the Carbon website and mobile app as well.

To sign up for a Carbon account, first, download the Carbon Bank mobile app using the link below.

  • Launch the Carbon app,
  • Tap “Set up a new account”,
  • Enter your details as they appear in your legal documents. Start by entering your first name, last name, date of birth, and gender. Then tap the “Continue” button,
  • Enter your phone number correctly. Make sure the phone number you entered is correct and reachable to receive SMS or calls. Then tap the “Continue” button.

    Of course re-confirm that the phone number you entered is correct before proceeding any further, otherwise you can edit it right now.

  • Create your personal 4 digit login PIN, and confirm the input is correct,
  • Now open your phone’s SMS to copy the confirmation code that Carbon has sent. Enter the code in the box provided.
  • Then enter your email address. At this point, Carbon will send a link to your email – to confirm your email. Make sure to finish the process too

Welcome to Carbon!
Now you will see your free Carbon personal account has been successfully created.

Now you can proceed with Upgrading your Carbon account to unlock more features in your personal account.

Carbon Bank Account Upgrade

The starting point for any account is “Level 1”; on a level 1 account, you cannot make any transactions until you upgrade your Carbon bank account. However, depending on the intended use of your Carbon account, there are up to 3 Levels to upgrade. Each Level has its requirements – Level 3 is the highest level.

Please note that we have used Nigerian currency (Naira) to indicate each level cap.

Account Transaction Limit:

  • Single transaction limit – N0
  • Daily transaction limit – N0
  • Maximum account balance – N0

This means you cannot make this transaction at this time.

Account Terms:

After initial account registration, providing your name, email and phone number (and verifying them), no paperwork is required here, but is required to upgrade your account to level 2 or 3.

Please note that we have used Nigerian currency (Naira) to indicate each level cap. Your country will depend on the currency shown in your Carbon Bank Account.

Account Transaction Limit

  • Single transaction limit – N50,000
  • Daily transaction limit – N300,000
  • Maximum account balance – N500,000

Account Terms:

To upgrade your account to level 2, you need to provide the following information; Bank Verification Number (BVN), Residential Address, and Self Selfie.

Please note that we have used Nigerian currency (Naira) to indicate each level cap. Your country will depend on which currency (and transaction limit) is displayed in your Carbon Bank Account.

Account Transaction Limit

  • Single transaction limit – N1,000,000
  • Daily transaction limit – N5,000,000
  • Maximum account balance – N999,999,999.99

Account Terms:

To upgrade your account to level 2, you need to provide the following information; Bank Verification Number (BVN), Identity Card, Residential Address, Selfie, and Utility Billing Documents.

To start this process, simply login to your account, then;

  • tap the “Upgrade your Carbon account” card (or the “Upgrade now” button),
  • then select the level you want to increase,
  • start the process and send.

Carbon Digital Business Account

A Carbon for Business bank account has many more enhanced features compared to a personal account. As the name suggests, “Business”, is designed for business owners who provide any kind of financial involvement in their business. For example, sales of products and services, subscription services, etc.

A Carbon Bank business account allows your (business owner) to integrate a Carbon business account into your business to enable your customers to pay quickly.

In addition to a secure online payment solution, a Carbon Business account offers, through the API you can also gain access to easy unsecured credit, reliable funds transfer, and fast KYC compliance obligations.

Business Carbon is a secure and fast payment solution, with consistently improving business features to enable your business to be at the top level you may never have imagined.

How to Create a Carbon Business Digital Bank Account

To get started, go to click “Create Business Account” (or you can just click here), and it will open the Carbon Business account registration form.

Complete the Carbon Optimus account registration form by filling in your correct business data/information.

Then log in to your email account (inbox) to access the message sent by Carbon, open the message and click the link to verify your email.

Then the login page opens, which you should re-login to complete your Carbon Optimus (business) account.

This time, you have all the information about your business to give, which includes the Business RC number, contact information, BVN, and the necessary business documents.

Register a Free Digital Carbon Bank Account

The session above has shown the steps and requirements for registering a Carbon Bank account. The process is fast and easy to understand and follow.

The annoying things we noticed at Carbon Bank

  1. Unlink Carbon Bank’s other major competitors, uploading files here on Carbon is stressful. You will see the number of attempts lost trying to upload the required file. The Carbon system is terrible at identifying uploads; either via Camera, PDF, or upload from gallery.

    It is important for them to work on it because not everyone will have the patience to try to upload countless documents, especially when there are other best Online Banking platforms that offer services that are more efficient in dealing with this challenge.

    It may take you 1 week or more to try to upgrade your account due to poor upload system

  2. No single transaction is allowed until your account is upgraded.

    But come to think of it, given the bad nature of file uploads on Carbon, there should be less-allowed minor transactions like bill payments (especially) to allow new users to generate self-generated (Carbon Bank) documents – there probably won’t be any problems uploading for account upgrade.

Best Carbon Bank Alternatives – Other Top Online Banking Accounts

There are many more Online (Digital) banking accounts you can trust, which are stable and consistent in their products and services. They also provide services similar to the Carbon digital bank; this is why you can also consider it as an alternative to carbon bank or similar online bank.

image - palmpay online banking
Learn more about PalmPay here
image - Gray digital banking platform
Learn more about Gray here

Carbon Bank Support Contact

Carbon is responsive in response to concerns raised, We hope to see it (carbon) remain consistent in this regard without any setbacks in the future.

There are several ways to contact Carbon Bank; via email, app and website – fill out a support ticket.

  • To contact Carbon via the website;
    Click Help >> Contact >> Send us a message.
  • To contact carbon digital banking via the Carbon App:
    by clicking Account >> Support >> Contact customer support.
  • Contact Carbon via email:
    [email protected]

But it is faster and more convenient for them to handle cases through websites and apps. You may be directed to both options if you contact them via email.

Is there a better online (digital) banking platform that you are currently using that is better than Carbon Bank or its best alternatives listed above?

Please let us know via the comment box below.

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