Charming mother of adorable triplets Chapter 122 by wishnovel
Charming mother of adorable triplets Chapter 122 by wishnovel

Charming mother of adorable triplets Chapter 122 by wishnovel

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Charming mother of adorable triplets Chapter 122 by wishnovel

Mr. Goldmann Sr. look at the three bastards. “Then why doesn’t your mother accept your father?”

The three rugrats looked at each other and then recounted to Mr. Goldman Si. about their mother’s experiences. After listening to their explanation, Mr. Goldmann Si became a little gloomy.

‘I don’t care about Maisie’s background, but I only know that Maisie is one of the daughters of the Vanderbilt family. Even though the Vanderbilts were just a small family in Bassburgh, the Goldmanns were still able to accept her as our daughter-in-law.

‘What I didn’t expect was that my idiot son had actually been blinded and deceived by the illegitimate daughter of the Vanderbilt family for six years. No wonder Zee won’t accept my son.

‘This kid deserves it!’

“Grandfather, you want Mom to be with Dad, right?” Colton asked.

Mr. Goldmann Sr. snorted. “Of course.”

‘My son has finally met a woman he likes. There’s no way I can break them. In other words, young women are the only reason how my stupid son can find his true love!’

In the room, Nolan put Maisie on the bed. Maisie groaned slightly as she touched the soft bed, rolled over and slept in his arms.

Nolan frowned slightly. The gentle sensation on the back of his hand made him feel tense, and a faint flame blazed at the bottom of his eyes.

‘This woman really can’t sleep well!’

Nolan bent down and wanted to kiss him, but his phone suddenly rang.

He glanced at Maisie, got up, and took out his cell phone to answer the call. A voice then sounded from the other end of the phone. “Mr. Goldmann, I have found some information about the matter you asked me to investigate.”

Nolan looked back at Maisie, who hadn’t woken up yet, answered the phone, and left the room.

He then entered the study room. “How is the result?”

“I haven’t been able to find a connection between Ms. Vanderbilt and the Metropolis of Morwich, but the only clue I can find is that Ms. Vanderbilt’s mother appears to have had sufficient background.”

Sitting behind the desk, Nolan frowned. “Her mother?”

“Yes, I checked the information and compared it, only to find that Ms. Vanderbilt’s mother was probably from de Armas.”

The other party quickly sent a piece of information to Nolan’s computer, and Nolan immediately received the file.

After opening the file, there are two comparison documents. The fingerprints of Stephen’s real wife, Marina Gonzales, are exactly the same as those of de Armas’ daughter who had left the house.

Nolan’s eyes dimmed slightly.

‘De Armas… Not that I don’t know them.’

The De Arma belonged to the noble Stoslo family. Their ancestors had served for the royal family and had been granted grandees and the rank of dukedom. However, after the incident with the eldest princess, de Armas have withdrawn from royal politics to protect themselves, but the honor remains. 1

Hernandez de Arma is the current head of the family, and Hemandez’s eldest daughter, Larissa de Arma, is the mistress of the Lucas family, but her youngest daughter, Marina de Ama, has been missing since she left home more than 20 years ago.

Nolan did not expect Maisie’s mother to come from the de Armas family.

At this time, Nolan received another email. He opened the email, and it contained a photo from over 20 years ago.

‘The woman in the black raincoat that got off the yacht is Marina de Arma and the blonde man behind her . . . This is Erwin Lincoln!’

Later tonight…

Maisie gasped when she woke up.

‘What is this?’

The man beside him was actually sleeping hugging the bear, and he was so crushed that he couldn’t move at all.

Maisie moved her body and arms carefully and waited until she felt a little more relieved to sit down slowly.

The man behind him turned and turned him around, staring at him fixedly with his gloomy eyes. ” You’re awake?”

“Um… Can you get up first?” Maisie’s body stiffened in fear of what else she would do.

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