Diamond Royale FF 2021 Direct Spin Tricks Get a Bundle

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Did you know that diamond royale ff 2021 has now returned to color your excitement in playing the Free Fire game, which this event itself is indeed one of the most awaited events by the players of this game, so if you are looking forward to this event then This is your chance to follow it.

You certainly know that in the Free Fire Battlegrounds game there is always the latest event that you can participate in, because talking about innovation in the game, there is no need to doubt free fire.

Because almost every month there is always a new event that you can participate in and give very interesting prizes for you to get, then what about the Diamond royale ff 2021 event?

About Diamond Royale FF 2021

This 2021 FF Diamond Royale is one of the premium events where you can participate by paying a certain number of FF diamonds in the event, and after that the spin process will start and you will know the prizes you will get.

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So why is this event highly anticipated?, you need to know that in this game there is a cool premium premium bundle as the main prize which can only be obtained in this event, so if you want to get a bundle in the FF 2021 diamond royale event in the shop menu you will not be able to buy it directly.

Therefore, you have to try your luck through this diamond royale event to get a cool revenge full leather bundle, but if you are very hockey you can get the bundle with just one spin.

So how do you participate in the diamond royale free fire event in February 2021?, the method is very easy to do, and please refer to the tutorial below.

How to Join the FF 2021 Diamond Royale Event

  1. First, please open the Free Fire game first
  2. Then please login to your FF account
  3. In the main lobby of the game, you click the Lucky Royale option
  4. After that there will be many choices of event menus and you click Revenge Full-Leather
  5. Now you can do 1 spin with only 50 diamonds and for 10+1 spins you can use 500 diamonds
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Now you know how to take part in the FF 2021 diamond royale event, and for sure you have to provide enough diamonds to take part in this event.

Tips for Spin Diamond Royale FF 2021 to get a Free Bundle

Did you know that recently I found tips for you to be hockey when you spin in this 2021 diamond royale ff.

And I had time to practice these tips on some of my friends and some of them got the full-leather revenge bundle in just a few spins.

Are you interested in knowing the tips and tricks that I found? If so, I will provide a detailed review below.

  1. The first thing you do is use the Primis (Adam) character before the spin
  2. After that you remove the Pet feature and also don’t use the lobby weapon before doing a spin
  3. Only after you enter Lucky Royale and select Revenge -full leather but don’t spin it yet
  4. You first tap the reward option and tap as much as possible on the revenge full leather bundle as quickly as possible
  5. Only then do you spin
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If this method doesn’t work the first time you spin, then you do the trick above for the next spin.

As I said above, to take part in the Diamond Royale FF 2021 event, you have to provide diamonds and complain about your luck so that you can get a bundle by removing as few diamonds as possible.

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