Don’t Put These 10 Things In Your CV!

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For those of you who are fresh graduates or are looking for a new job, you must be eager to fiddle with your CV. Everyone wants to impress the company they are applying for with what is in the CV. But that doesn’t mean you can write and beautify your CV to your heart’s content. there are still rules to the game. Here are seven things you shouldn’t put on your CV:

Don’t Put These 10 Things In Your CV!

Don't Put These 10 Things In Your CV!
Don’t Put These 10 Things In Your CV!

1. Title : CV

When making a CV, do not put the word “CV or Curriculum Vitae” above your CV page. Write your name above the CV so that the reader can immediately find out whose CV he is reading. This will also make it easier to search if there are many CVs on the table.

2. Inconsistent format and flashy design

Avoid inconsistent CV formats and flashy designs. In addition, avoid different types of fonts, margins, spaces, bullets, dates and colors on the CV page. Also avoid using too much bold and italic. It is better if the CV format is made neatly and clearly with a pleasing design.

The number of CV sheets is recommended for no more than 2 sheets. If you have a lot of work experience that makes your CV more than two sheets, then you can write it down without going into more detail.

3. Standard Goals

The objective section is the section where you can write down the purpose of why you are applying to the company. Every job must be challenging right? So don’t write if the job offered is a challenging job. It’s a good idea to write about your experience and abilities that are needed and can be useful for your work later.

Do not enter your name in the header or footer column because this will display your name on every CV page. This will make the reader not focus on reading the entire CV. Meanwhile, graphs and tables are considered not to contribute in explaining the CV. So both do not need to be included in the CV.

5. Business contact

Do not use or include a business email or work phone in your CV. By applying to a new company, then this is your personal business. So use your personal email and phone to establish communication.

6. Name of boss

Do not include the name of the boss of any past jobs. This is not necessary for the next company to know.

7. Social media accounts

There are several companies and fields that ask you to be active on social media. However, for now, only social media accounts that are related to professionalism, such as Linkedin, can be included in the CV. So don’t include your Instagram, Twitter, FB or other accounts if it’s not related to work.

8. Fancy font shapes

Informal writing is certainly very interesting and beautiful to look at. But for formal matters, you should use a formal and easy-to-read type of writing such as Arial, Calibri, or Times News Roman.

9. Abbreviations and Alay Terms

Do not use abbreviations and alay terms. Not necessarily the HRD will understand what is meant. Instead of being called for an interview, your CV will be immediately put aside without being looked at again.

10. Reference

A good CV will attract HR to invite you for an interview. But of course the connection or reference will make it easier for you to get a job. If you don’t ask for a reference on the locker announcement, don’t write “Reference upon request”. If you still want to include it even though it’s not asked for, it’s a good idea to contact your referral first

So, of the ten things you shouldn’t include in your CV, which one have you done? Let’s learn from mistakes.

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