Downhill PS2 Cheats Complete in the Latest Indonesian Language
Downhill PS2 Cheats Complete in the Latest Indonesian Language

Downhill PS2 Cheats Complete in the Latest Indonesian Language

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Are you looking for a complete Downhill PS2 Cheat? Here we have all the cheats to unlock characters, freestyles and more.

Are you a fan of PS games? Of course you already know that the list of games on PS is very large and popular and cool.

For those of you who really like playing PlayStation, especially PS2, you must be familiar with this game, yes, this game is Downhill.

Through this article, we will discuss the Downhill Domination Cheat in full in Indonesian.

What is the downhill game? Do any of you know what a downhill game is or do you only know the name and just play it.

Downhill game is one of the popular games on playstation and a game that is widely played from children to adults.

Downhill Domination was released in 2003 for Playstation 2 console users. This game presents bicycle racing that is challenging and fun to play.

To play this game you can use single player mode, multiplayer or can be played with 3 friends at once.

In this downhill game there are many characters that you can choose and you play with each level of difficulty.

The characters in this downhill game are fiction, but if you can complete the tournament, you can unlock professional cyclist characters like Eric Robert Carter, BMX and MTB athletes from Uncle Sam’s country.

In this game there are some difficulties in playing it. For those of you who are beginners in playing this game, you don’t need to worry because there are many tips & tricks to solve the problem of difficulty in playing this game and in this article we will discuss it.

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How to Use PS2 Downhill Domination Cheats


In contrast to cheats in general, you have to know how to use the Downhill PS2 cheat so that the cheat can function properly and correctly. Here’s the tutorial:

  1. Enter the game
  2. Enter the main cheat code: Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, Square
  3. Then the words “Codes Unlocked” will appear on your screen
  4. Enter other cheat codes according to what you need
  5. Have fun playing with cheats!

notes: This cheat must be activated first, so you can use other cheats.

Complete Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat Group

With these cheat codes you will easily play downhill games on ps 2 starting from unlocking characters, unlimited energy animal bikes and so on. The following is:

  • Activating Cheats: Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, Square.
  • Earn Money: Right, Up, Up, Circle, Square.
  • Unlimited Energy: Down, Triangle, Left, Left, Square.
  • Restore Energy: Down, Right, Right, Left Left.
  • Upgrade Bottle: Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right.
  • Bottle Cheats Infinite: Up, X, Left, Left, Circle, Circle.
  • $2000 Uang: Right, Triangle, Triangle, Left.
  • Money: Right, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, Square.
  • Free Fight: Left, Square, Circle, Square, Left.
  • Adrenaline Cheats and NOS: Down, Left, Left, Right.
  • Anti Gravity: Down, Triangle, Square, Square, Up.
  • Super Bounce: Left, Square, X, Up, Triangle.
  • Stoke Meter Full: Down, Left, Left, Right, Right.
  • Battle Upgrade: Up, Down, Left, Left, Right.
  • Super Rabbit Hop: Up, X, Left, Square, Up.
  • Mega Flip: Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Square.
  • Speed Energy: Down, Triangle, Right, Right, Square.
  • Restoring Energy: Down, Right, Right, Left, Left.
  • Disabling Combat: Left, Square, Circle, Circle, Left.
  • Extra Smack Time: Left, Right, Down, Down.
  • Cheats to Unlock Everything: Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up.
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Downhill PS2 Cheat Unlock All Characters

kineticlops downhill ps2 character cheats

The Downhill Domination game has a variety of characters, ranging from female, male and alien characters. Each character has a unique style.

To open the character, of course you have to complete the mission first, so from that we will give you how to open all the characters in downhill domination.

  • Brian Lopez: Completed Mountain Cross Specialized Career at Hardcore level
  • Expensive: Completed Freestyle Mode
  • Eric “EC” Carter: Completed the Mountain Cross Special Career
  • Kineticlop Alien: Spend $50,000 in Bonus Purchase
  • Missy’s “Missile” Gloves: Completed Technical Downhill Specialized Career
  • Rachel: Complete Super Career using two free characters
  • Richie Schley: Complete the Freeride Race Specialized Career
  • Tara Lianes: Complete Arcade Mode
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Freestyle Downhill Domination Tips and Tricks


Using the tricks below indicates that you are adept at doing freestyle styles in each character. The following are tips and tricks for freestyle in the game Downhill Domination.

  • Cheats for one lays: Press R1.
  • GOSSIP: R1 + R2 simultaneously.
  • Superman: R1 + L1 simultaneously
  • One Hand: L1.
  • Candy: R2 and L1 simultaneously.
  • table top: L1 + L2
  • India Air: RI + R2 + L2
  • Kneeling Bar: R2 and L2
  • Switchblade: R1, R2 and L1
  • Scissor: R2, L1 and L2
  • Heart attack: R1, R2, L1
  • lazy boy: R1, L1, L2, Triangle
  • Shake cat nac: R1, R2, L2, Triangle
  • Floating in the Air: R2, L1, L2, Triangle
  • look down: L1, L2, Triangle
  • Sled: R2, L1, Triangle
  • Cheats for Double Cancan: R1, R2, Triangle

So, those are tips & tricks info and downhill codes for PS2 console users. Just try it and what is your favorite cheat?

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