Download the Latest Whatsapp Tizen Tpk Samsung Z2 2021

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Download Whatsapp Tizen – When we discuss chat applications, of course, WhatsApp is not spared. Because the application is the best and most widely used by everyone.

But here, do you know that WhatsApp actually has many versions, now the one we want to review is about Whatsapp Tizen Tpk. Because this application really supports use on the Samsung Z2 smartphone.

Therefore, it is possible that some of my friends are using a Samsung smartphone, right? Therefore, with the WhatsApp Tizen Samsung Z2, of course the smartphone that you are using will be very supportive.

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Explanation of Whatsapp Tizen Tpk

As you already know, that Whatsapp is a chat application that functions to send messages, files, phone calls, video calls, and so on. While Tizen is an operating system (OS).

Which is where the system is based on the Linux Foundation which was developed by one company, namely Samsung Electronics. So for the first time this system can only be used by HTML5 so that it can be MeeGo.

In the sense that Whatsapp Tizen is a messenger application that operates on the Tizen system. In addition, as we have explained, the Whatsapp Tpk For Tizen application is very widely used on the Samsung Z2.

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Therefore, for those of you who want to download WhatsApp Tizen, of course, the team will share it with all of your friends. Keep in mind that this application is the latest version 2021.

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Download Whatsapp Tizen Latest Version 2021

How do I download the application? It’s quite easy, where we ourselves have provided the WhatsApp Tizen TPK download link below. So please just click on the link below.

Name Whatsapp Tizen
Size 13 MB
Version Latest
Developer Samsung Electronics
Supports Samsung Z2


When you have successfully downloaded the application file, please follow the steps to install it below.

Cara Install

  1. First go to the Settings menu
  2. Then select Security > and Enable Unknown Sources (unknowns sources)
  3. Next, look for the WhatsApp Tizen tpk file that has been downloaded
  4. After that install and wait until the process is successful
  5. Done
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After you have installed the application, of course, you must also know the features in WhatsApp Tizen. Although the actual features of this application are no different from the original version of WhatsApp.

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Features of Whatsapp Tpk Tizen

In fact, we ourselves have said that this application has almost the same features as the original WhatsApp, for example, such as chatting, telephone, video calling, scanning the WhatsApp web barcode, and so on. But for more details see below.

Now the interface itself is one of the superior features of this WhatsApp Tizen Samsung Z2, because the appearance has been adjusted to the Ios version. In addition, this application also has 5 featured pages, such as:

      • Chat
      • Setting
      • Recent
      • Contact
      • Favorite

From all these pages, of course, my friend will be very easy to communicate, therefore if my friend is a Samsung Z2 user, of course it is mandatory to use whatsapp tpk for tizen.

The second is the background image, maybe from the name, all of you already know. If this feature is used to change the appearance of the page, whether it uses images, own photos, or others.

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On WhatsApp Tizen, you can see all the details of the group chat such as the date, the amount of media, and even the file size. But unfortunately this application does not have a go to bottom button which will make it difficult when you want to open a wa group.

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The final word

That’s the latest review that we have shared at this meeting which has discussed the Download Whatsapp Tizen Tpk Latest Samsung Z2 2021. Hopefully this review can be useful for all.

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