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WhatsApp Tizen – Who is not familiar with the WhatsApp application. Yes, this chat application can be said to be an application that must be installed by all smartphone users. Whatsapp has a myriad of advanced features that make it easy for its users to carry out remote communication activities such as to chat, voice calls, video calls, and others.

It’s no wonder that WhatsApp is the most popular chat application that has the most users around the world. In addition to having a myriad of cool features, WhatsApp can also be said to be the most active application in updating various new features or updates so that users feel more comfortable using WhatsApp.

Talking about the WhatsApp application, this application is identical to use on mobile operating systems based on Android and iOS. But you need to know that the WhatsApp application can also be used on the Tizen-based mobile operating system or more precisely, it is used on the Samsung J2 smartphone.

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Well, on this occasion, Mimin will share the download link for WhatsApp Tizen for Samsung J2 and other full reviews about WhatsApp Tizen. So for those of you Samsung J2 users who are looking for WhatsApp Tizen information, please read this article to the end. Here’s the full review.

What is WhatsApp Tizen?

Tizen itself is a Linux-based mobile operating system supported by the Linux Foundation but developed and used primarily by Samsung Electronics. This project was originally designed as an HTML5 based platform for mobile devices to succeed MeeGo.

So, WhatsApp Tizen is a WhatsApp application that is used on Samsung brand cellphone devices, especially the Samsung J2 type. Well, if the identical WhatsApp application is used in the operation of the Android and iOS mobile systems, WhatsApp can also be installed on the Tizen mobile operating system.

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Download WhatsApp Tizen App For Samsung Z2

Below, Mimin has provided a download link for the WhatsApp Tizen Application for Samsung Z2 to make it easier for you to install the WhatsApp application on your Samsung Z2 cellphone. Now, for those of you who are Samsung Z2 cellphone users who are looking for a download link for the WhatsApp Tizen application, please download it directly below.

How to Install

To install the WhatsApp Tizen application on a Samsung Z2 cellphone, please follow the steps below.

  • Please download the Tizen application at the download link above
  • Go to settings menu > security > uncheck unknown sources > ok
  • Open the download file storage folder and look for the whatsapp tizen apk file
  • If you have found it, please install it and wait until the installation process is complete

Is WhatsApp No Longer Available on Tizen OS?

Yes, according to the information that the admin got that since a few months ago the WhatsApp application is no longer operating on the Tizen OS. The reason may be because there are not many users of the samasung z2 cellphone anymore, so WhatsApp has decided not to operate it on the Tizen OS.

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That’s the information that Mimin can share at this time about WhatsApp Tizen. Thank you and I hope that what Mimin shares in this article can be easily understood and useful for loyal readers of

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