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Ecosia APK Web Indonesia

Ecosia APK Web Indonesia, Recently, the issue of global warming is increasing. Scientists have said that we only have 3 years to fix everything before it is really too late. While it’s still not too late, you can do a few things to help reforest.

There is a very easy way for you to do and can be done at any time. You can use the Ecosia search engine instead of Google. What is Ecosia and how do you use it? Check this out.

Getting to Know About Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine like Google which is very helpful in internet life. The big difference between Ecosia and Google is that Ecosia is more environmentally friendly.

Ecosia was built in 2009 in Berlin. If you use the Ecosia website to search for something, then you will be contributing to greening.

The Ecosia website gives 80% of their income to reforestation. It can be concluded that every time you use Ecosia to look for something, they can make money and do greenery. So far, Ecosia already has 15 million users with 9 thousand different tree planting locations.

Download the Ecosia App

You can download the Ecosia application on the Google Play Store or App Store. But if your cellphone cannot be used to download applications, then you can visit the Ecosia website directly.

Please click the link below to get the download link for the Ecosia application and the website version.

You can also search for the Ecosia website extension so that when you open the browser it will be directly connected to Ecosia, not Google.

Ecosia’s Mission in Greening

Ecosia’s main mission is to re-green the earth. Ecosia said they used the profits they made to plant as many trees as possible.

The Ecosia company claims that they are a social business, where they have a social mission and full financial transparency so that you can also check their reforestation mission.

Just like other search engines, Ecosia also protects user privacy so you don’t have to worry when using it.

Not only doing reforestation or reforestation, Ecosia also has a mission to build a solar power plant. This power plant is the main power used by Ecosia so that it does not create carbon in the ozone layer.

How to Use Ecosia

You don’t need to be confused about how to use Ecosia for the first time, because the method is very easy.

Here’s how to use Ecosia:

  1. Open the Ecosia application or the Ecosia website.
  2. Click the search field and then type in what keywords you want to search.
  3. Click enter or without loupe.

Done, now you can find some things related to the keyword you are looking for.

Is Ecosia Safe to Use?

The Ecosia website is 100% safe to use, you can even make a good influence on the earth by using the Ecosia website.

If doing your own planting is not possible for you, then at least you can contribute by using the Ecosia search engine.

That’s the explanation of Ecosia that you need to know. Let’s take good care of the earth because if we don’t, who else will do it.

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