Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch: Unbox and Review
Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch: Unbox and Review

Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch: Unbox and Review

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The world is getting smarter and indeed guessing, what … So as you watch too In today’s episode, we will na. Do a very, very clever Unboxing and Review of the fossil water known as Fossil Q Marshal.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and do it Hello! Everyone, my name is Inaam and welcome to my channel. Magazines are here.
Well, here’s the box, what you get here and it says Fossil. This is Marshal.

This is the FTW model number, 2109

The MRP here says 19995, which is about 20,000K INR, Some of the symbols they have mentioned here: fossil Q, Marshall. Of course this is also a touch watch speaker. I have been waiting for this one for a very long time and today I just got this one. I’m really excited to go and unbox here. So let’s go ahead and open this up here is the beauty.

This is the watch itself. Said Fossil. There is also Fossil branding. This is the speaker. This is a microphone.

If you can see it, let me enlarge this for you. That’s the microphone and a little detail here. There’s also a fossil logo there. I hope you guys can see that this is the watch itself. Well, this looks really neat.

And this is called the Marshall Q Fossil. This is how it looks from behind. Well, this is a very manly looking watch, and that’s the reason why I bought it. Oh, you should really try this one.

I got it at a very much cheaper price. I’m just going to leave a link in the description below so you can go and check out the latest price for this watch, which is the Marshall Q fossil. So I’ll go ahead and reign supreme. It’s here so just have to push this and there’s haptic feedback too, and it’s supported by Android Wear. So what you can do is you know you can go ahead and download the Android Wear app and zoom in.

. You will be able to find out all the details here. All app watch faces and everything. So in the meantime, I’m just going to keep the Waterside here for a while and I’ll show you what’s in the box, you’ll know it’s a Q shape, and these are some of the booklets or manuals you get with the box. , let’s put this aside, and here’s another box here, which is the charger. Now this charger is a magnetic charger, which you know, moves to the other side of your watch case.

Just going to move this is fine, you can see there’s a little charging logo here, I’m not sure if you can see it, because it’s a bit glowing, but there’s a little logo that says charge now. This is a magnetic charger. So what really happens is you just have to take this one and put it behind you to see how it goes. Zap, like that, it’s very easy for you to know it’s just the kind of magnet that works really well here there is a different watch face than what’s going on. Are there many options?

If you scroll down, you will see airplane mode. Speaker, DND setting setting is correct. This is how it happens here some options here, if you want to scroll down, scroll down, go to settings and if you want, know just get off the screen. So let’s do it like this and if I go to zap pengaturan settings

It’s like that, so the good thing about this is, even if I keep holding this one, it will show me some settings here and if I scroll down, there’s Fossil built in. You know some of the watch faces here.

You can change the color. You know the index color like that, and you can choose the style as well as the style you want? There are several styles too. The good thing is, you can see how it applies to a watch, say. For example, do you want this so just pick this one back, that’s the watch for you.

Let me read this to you. That’s what this watch looks like. This is ambient lighting too. So because you know you don’t want your Smart Watch to always be on and drain the battery, but only when you just wake up. You know when you want to see the time, so you’ll need to make some adjustments here. If I like this once, just so you know, give me the menu.

If I did it like this, it would just exit the pairing options here for the watch face. There are several of one. You know like this one, this one, this one, I just went ahead and downloaded some of them like let’s say, for example, this has a certain clock face built into it. This is one of them, so there are many things, combinations of permutations you can do.

A lot of things you can do here, I will say that the feedback is very smart, and the feedback is very good on the screen.

I’ve never faced any lags or anything like that. You can add a few more watch faces, just scroll up a lot, lots of options you get here lots of options, it’s a very easy type of watch and very versatile too. You can download Android outfits and and see all the options you will get. It looks really cool too right, okay! Well, this wants my favorite.

This is the Grant they have in the Grant model. I love the overall build of this watch. It is very sturdy and very manly. Seems pretty sure this is a good buy as you can download Android outfits from the Google Play Store and enjoy the many watch faces there. There is a very interesting feature when it comes to charging.

I have connected my USB charger to the laptop and the magnetic charger to the other side of the watch case. As soon as this is installed, a display appears on the watch, as you can see here, and you can also see the light. Have you know it’s only possible here. I’m not sure if you can see it, but it’s the bright light you see there and that’s what happens as soon as the watch is connected to the charger. So I’m actually finding it really interesting and really cool for this particular watch here.

The watch face will reflect charge data differently. Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at the various options available to us. Let’s click on Settings in settings here will find many other options like display, sound, etc, etc. As you can see here now, let’s click on display Here. You will see many other options like adjust brightness change, what font size, many other options.

As you can see here, you also have the option to always appear on the screen or not. That’s just one of the battery saving options for you and that’s how you scroll down, then, let’s move on to sound again. Many choices in sound: you have the ringer volume. You have installation options: let’s go to apps and notifications. App notifications app info and lots of other options you can do within the app or you want the app to do it for you, let’s get out of that motion too.

You can see that this watch has motion controls. If you just flip to the left, if you have one function on the right, one function at the top of the bottom will have another function. So there are a lot of options you get here, let’s get out that lets go to connectivity. There this watch has bluetooth, it has Wi-Fi too, and this is something really cool. This is how you get to the Bluetooth option, and at the moment it says it’s connected to my phone, so exit right.

Let’s go to Wi-Fi and it says it automatically detects Wi-Fi here if you set it up just once, so I’ll go ahead and exit this screen for now. This is an accessibility zoom gesture, because if you just tap like double-thrice, they should zoom in. This is the storage you can do some other options you see here and then comes the system. Yes, that’s the system. So if you go into the system, you’ll see an option to turn off the disconnect about which will give you information about the watch and, let’s go ahead and let me show you how it’s turned off, so you’ll see the device is kind of off now – and you know the moment. – it just says it’s off – it – gives you vibration and haptic feedback right there, so you know the watch is as you know it is in off mode.

Overall, it’s a very powerful force. One of the most affordable watches, which has been made by fossils, this looks like a real watch with a good build quality, stainless steel watch. The resolution is also very good. You can see that even if you go out during the day, you can still see many other watches. You know it makes it hard for you to see there.

The processor they use is also very good. I didn’t experience any lags with the multiple watch faces of the Android Wear app, so I think we all do. This is a very good purchase for you.
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