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Gulab Shayari – Shayari at Gulab in Hindi

I want to give her a rose,
She herself is a rose, what will a rose give her?
Afzal Allahabadi

surrounded by thorns,
Still the roses keep blooming

Dreams start to come to me during the day
she sent me roses
iftikhar rabib

I’ve never seen anyone else without you
Your roses dried up but I didn’t throw them away.

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be like a rose,
Looks like a rose
smile a little,
It looks amazing.

Sending roses to you,
Put your life in it by touching it with your lips.

Ask Rose what hurts
Gives a message of love and he lives in thorns.

I gave this beautiful beautiful rose to him,
Who gave me a heart full of love without thinking.

gulab ka phool shayari in hindi

Rose Shayari
Aaab out of the man’s broken eyes,
No matter how beautiful it is, it spreads like a rose.

It’s not just roses
my love sign,
stay with you
hidden in each of these leaves
This is our love story.

He gave gifts of love like this,
He said it all in one rose,
We will also try this skill.
By giving a moment of love, we will also express love.

Rose Status in Hindi

We feel bad about the rose,
The one we killed for you.

If we cut it, it will definitely bring us good luck,
We’ve chosen a man like a rose too.

Let love be with roses,
So what’s wrong with the bite?

from the difficulty of the road
Don’t be sad, O Ghalib
finally rose
It should bloom only on cuttings.

rose flower shayari

The journey so far,
Eyes as far as you,
Thousands of flowers have been seen in this gulshan but
It smells the same as far as you.

Sitting still, I gave the alpha to Ghazal.
Today roses are given roses.

with rose scent
Smell as if every sight is there,
your wish, your support
Tomorrow is support.

rose shayari hindi
My life will bloom like a rose,
If not ‘love’ I will get ‘love’.

Gulab Shayari 2 Lines Hindi

People’s arms now look damp,
Flowers are now less visible than roses.

For whom we go with roses,
She herself came as a rose, sir.

Gulab Sad Shayari in Hindi
How safe is the rose in the lap of the thorn,
Leaves and leaves are scattered in the love of the people.

Not every rose is lucky,
Find a house in a book.

The petals begin to separate from the rose,
It seems that the mistakes made in love are starting to improve now.

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Had sweet dreams seen in childhood,
Honestly, you are like a rose.

Life gets confused like this,
Like a rose entangled among thorns.

Garden appearance like your flowers,
Soft lips like rose petals.

Rose Shayari in Hindi

Learn to live in thorns like roses,
Learn to bloom like a lotus in the mud,
Many people regulate their senses in a drunken state,
But learn to live like an angel by staying alive.

The rose in the book of the heart is hers,
His dream is in his sleep at night,
how much you love us when we ask
Will die without you this answer is theirs.

I don’t know how many hearts are broken in waiting,
Don’t know how many dried roses are in the book.

The thorns on the legs say that
There must be roses on this road.

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