How did Piero Angela die? Cause of Death Revealed

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Piero Angela Cause of Death

Italian television host, science journalist, writer and pianist Piero Angela also plays the piano. He died at the age of 93. Let’s see how he died, what happened, and what Cause of Death of Piero Angela.

How did Piero Angela die?

His son Alberto Angela made the announcement on Facebook, writing, “Have a nice trip dad.” Piero Angela is a 93-year-old science communicator, presenter, essayist, writer and journalist. “My body is like a car: the engine may be 80,000 kilometers, but the driver is only 45 years old,” the man said as he continued to speak.

Piero Angela Cause of Death

In a recent interview with reporters from de The messenger, the journalist, who will turn 94 in December 2022, has revealed that he has a very common modification of the musculoskeletal system. In reality, the disease he alludes to is dyscopathia, as Angela herself put it in her own words:

I currently have one foot in the hole and the other in the bar of soap. I have disc disease and I was over 90 years old when I stood up. However, I was 45 years old when I sat down.

Despite everything, Piero Angela insisted that his behavior had not changed because they were exactly the same as they were a few years ago.

Al Sant’Andrea from Rome, a renowned science communicator, was hospitalized in November 2019. He anticipated the worst, but luckily it was a home accident that could have had far worse.

However, a few months earlier, Piero Angela had returned in prime time for the 25th anniversary of the historic television program SuperQuark, garnering a huge response and a significant audience.

Topic Medico has tried to reach out to family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no response has been received. We will update the page once sufficient information becomes available. More information about Piero Angela’s cause of death will be added soon.

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Who is Piero Angela?

Italian television host, science journalist, writer and pianist Piero Angela also plays the piano.

He started out as a radio reporter before moving on to become a foreign correspondent and eventually establishing himself as a Rai news host. He is best known for his scientific journalism, which has been published in a number of magazines, as well as for creating and hosting a TV show modeled after the BBC and David Attenborough films, with whom he is often compared.

Piero Angela’s Early Life

The son of Nella Maglia and anti-fascist doctor Carlo Angela, who on August 29, 2001 received the “Righteous Among the Nations” Medal, Angela was born in Turin.

He attended the Turin classical high school. According to Piero Angela, his father instilled the value of reason in him.

Despite doing minimal work, Angela did well in almost all of her studies. He was educated in a very Piedmontan way, according to Angela, who described him as harsh and based on strong values, including shyness, which were never shown. Regarding her formal schooling, Angela writes:

“Personally, I struggled with boredom in class and was a poor student. All educators should keep in mind the Latin proverb “ludendo docere,” which means “teach with pleasure.””

Piero Angela’s Music Career

When Angela was seven years old, she started taking private piano lessons; he later became interested in jazz music. He began using the stage name Peter Angela in various jam sessions at jazz venues in Turin in 1948.

Sergio Bernardini, a young businessman at the time, saw him and invited him to perform on the opening night of Capannina di Viareggio in 1948.

The Nunzio Rotondo quintet includes Angela and Mondini for the time being. In 1946, when they couldn’t get tickets, he performed at this time with Franco Cerri, with whom they would ride their bicycles to listen to a concert from outside a restaurant in Turin.

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Piero Angela’s Journalist Career

Angela began working with others on a program for RAI on the history of jazz in late 1951. She stopped performing music in 1952 and began working as a full-time journalist.

To work on television, Fabiano Fabiani asked permission to travel to Rome. “Enough with the news on the radio, I want journalists on television,” said Fabiani Angela. When National Television News at 13:30, or the lunchtime edition of the news, originally debuted in 1968, Angela was the first news anchor to alternate with Andrea Barbato.

Angela produced more than sixty documentaries and hundreds of television episodes, earned many honors, wrote 33 books with sales of over three million copies, won seven Telegacts, and won the national television directing prize eight times.

Piero Angela Awards and Awards

Angela holds many honorary titles. In addition to other awards in Italy and abroad, he was given the Italian Republic gold medal for culture in 2002 and the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for scientific diffusion in 1993.

On October 3, 2010, he was awarded the Giuseppe Dess Special Jury Prize for Literature.

Galileo’s hometown of Padua gave him honorary citizenship in recognition of the “gift of excellence offered for scientific transmission.”

His hometown of Turin voted to grant him honorary citizenship on 23 October 2017, for “a living affirmation of the city’s scientific traditions” and for having used his professional career to advance “culture and knowledge” among Italians, including through the media. from television.

Tribute to Piero Angela

Mauro Corrado says,

One of the reasons why I am a scientist today grew up with Piero Angela and @SuperQuarkRai on TV. Piero Angela’s intelligence, kindness and love for science and #SciComm will be greatly missed

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Emanuel said,

Piero Angela, the man who contributed to inspiring generations of Italians towards the wonders of Science, has just died. He is and will always be the Polar Star of the constellation of Artists who will never be forgotten. Today is a sad day.

The fanpage says,

“I try to tell what I learned. Dear all, I think I’ve done my part. You are also trying to do yours for this difficult country of ours” Goodbye Piero Angela

Pavanator said,

Today is a sad day in Italy. This man, this legend, Piero Angela, brought some of the best scientific and cultural revelations that modern Italy can have on television and not just in this day and age, until the end of his life at the age of 93. He will be missed

Mariaelena Agostini says,

Italy have lost David Attenborough today. RIP Piero Angela, thank you for your inspiration and love for nature, history and science. It will live on.

Marco Longobardo said,

It’s hard to explain to non-Italians who is Piero Angela, who left us today. I can say that he is David Attenborough from Italy but I believe that Attenborough is Piero Angela from England. However, we lost a giant, one of the best Italians.


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