Jane Fonda ‘not proud’ of past facelift, ‘stopped’ plastic surgery after

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Jane Fonda was confused by her famous face.

Oscar-winning actress, 84, She spoke to Vogue talking about the new H&M Move campaign, as well as the beautiful aging and dark side of plastic surgery.

“We all know a lot of rich women who have done all kinds of facelifts and things like that and they look terrible,” Fonda said.

“So I did a facelift and stopped because I didn’t want to look distorted. I’m not proud to have it [one].”

The ‘Grace and Frankie’ actress added: ‘I don’t know now if I should do it or if I will. But I did. I admit it and then I say ok.

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Fonda completely rejected plastic surgery in 2020. Elle Canada said, “I won’t cut myself again.”

As she revealed in an interview with Vogue, she doesn’t regret this decision.

jane in black dress in the background
The “Grace and Frankie” actress opened up about her past cosmetic procedures.
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“You can get addicted. Don’t go on like this,” he warned. “A lot of women, I don’t know, become addicted.”

These days, the “Five to Nine” actors prefer a less invasive beauty regimen.

“I stay hydrated, I sleep, I move, I avoid the sun and I have good friends who make me laugh,” she says.

jane is exercising in the background
The “Jane Fonda’s Workout” star released her first workout video in 1982.
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When Fonda famously fell out with Megyn Kelly in 2017 after a talk show host asked her about her past facial work — and later explained that it “seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question” — she opened up about her past teeth and boots. . it’s kind of open. , even The Post talked about his eye and jaw surgery in 2010.

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“I’m glad I look good for my age, but I’ve had plastic surgery. I’m not going to lie about that,” he said in the 2018 HBO documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts.

“I hate that I need to physically change myself to feel good. I wish I wasn’t like that… I wish I was braver. But I am me.”

Jane Fonda in the early 1970s
This legendary actress rose to fame as “Barbarella” in the 60s.
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