Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Will Launch In 2022

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Novelpro.id – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Will Launch In 2022. Rumors of the appearance of the Kawasaki ZX-4R began to appear in May last year through several Japanese media reports. The rumors emerged a few months after Kawasaki launched the ZCX-25R with a 250cc 4-cylinder engine in Indonesia.

This information is being discussed a lot because it had graced the virtual world some time ago. However, as time progressed, the news became more widespread and was reinforced that Kawasaki was preparing its new monster.

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The latest news about Kawasaki launching the ZX-4R has been around since the beginning of this year. Now the latest news is that Kawasaki will plan to launch the 400cc 4-cylinder sports motorbike at the end of 2022.

From the news milling about in the Japanese media, if the Kawasaki ZX-4R is introduced at the end of 2022, the sport bike could start selling in early 2023.

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Kawasaki ZX-4R is claimed to have more than 60 tk of power. However, the exterior design and dimensions will be very similar to the ZX-25R. If it is true that this motorbike is capable of spitting out 60tk, then that power is greater than the ninja 650.

In addition to the contents of the cylinder that experienced a difference, the information stated that the weight of this motorbike is also reportedly heavier. However, it is not stated how much the increase in weight will be between the Kawasaki ZX-25R and the Kawasaki ZX-4R later.

Previously Japanese media, Young Machine released the latest rendering of the Ninja ZX-4R. Although there is no confirmation from the party but this rendering can be a reference if Kawasaki is serious about working on the ZX-4R.

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Even more. Kawasaki also filed a patent for the ZX-4R name, which further strengthens the look of the model.

The front fascia design is similar to that of the ZX-10R. It’s just that the shape of the headlights is made narrower with a sharper center.

This bike has built-in air ducts on the fairing to supply fresh air to the area around the radiator and send it directly to the engine. This air supply is needed so that the four-cylinder engine will be cooler.

The Ninja ZX-4R engine is expected to sport a 400cc inline heart, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC fuel injection system. On paper the engine structure is similar to the ZX-25R.

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Due to its higher power, the ZX-4R will come with twin disc brakes at the front of the 4-pot brake calipers.

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In addition, there are possible features that will also grab the ZX-25R. Like the KTRC Kawasaki Traction Control system, anti-spin wheel protection which can be set to 3 levels.

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