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Bright Dawn Bus Ticket – Being one of the new players in the world of land transportation services, PO Terang Fajar can quickly become one of the bus companies to be reckoned with in the community.

This is of course because the services provided to passengers are the best in its class.

Although relatively new, PO Terang Fajar provides many innovations that are not commonly used on buses in general.

Bright Dawn Bus Ticket
Bright Dawn Bus Ticket

This is what makes this bus quickly trusted by the public even though it is still new.

To be able to understand more about the Terang Fajar Bus, starting from ticket prices, routes, to the various facilities that you will get.

That way, you can better consider using this bus. Moreover, this new bus has many cool innovations.

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PO Terang Fajar’s profile

Bus Terang Fajar is one of the AKAP land transportation service providers which was first established in 2019.

Even though it’s only been operating for three years, this bus is rapidly growing and can still survive in the midst of the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic

Until now, Bus Terang Fajar already has five bus fleet units.

Of course, this cannot be compared to other bus companies which are growing faster.

In its initial development, the Terang Fajar Bus was faced with the Covid-19 pandemic situation which had a lot to do with the country’s economy.

Even so, the bus used by Terang Fajar is one of the best in its class.

Moreover, various qualified services and facilities are prepared by them to provide comfort and safety for passengers on every trip.

This bus also has routes in Bali and Java. Such as Surabaya, Solo, Purwokerto, and Yogyakarta.

With a wide route, of course, you can rely on this bus to get a very wide traveling trip.

Especially for those of you who always welcome long holidays with lots of holidays.

Not only that, every bus from Terang Fajar is equipped with many advanced technologies.

In fact, some of the embedded technology is very difficult to find on other buses.

Of course this is one of the advantages that passengers can get to ensure safety and security.

Bright Dawn Bus Classes & Facilities

Although the Terang Fajar Bus has only been on the road for three years, this bus has classes and facilities that of course prioritize passengers.

That is, you will feel comfortable during the trip even for a long time.

So, what classes and facilities will you get when you ride the Terang Fajar bus?

Terang Fajar Bus only provides one class, namely VIP AC.

Although only one class is served, of course, this Terang Fajar Bus uses a quality fleet and can guarantee the safety and security of passengers.

This bus uses a 2-2 seating arrangement. Of course, with the seating arrangement, you can feel more relaxed on the bus.

There are also innovations that are presented, each bus is installed with 9 CCTV cameras.

A total of 5 cameras are placed in the cabin where the passenger bags are and the rest are installed outside the bus.

CCTV in this bus is not without purpose. The camera is installed to ensure the passengers stay safe during the trip.

Not only that, every Terang Fajar bus is equipped with a GPS Tracker so that it can monitor the destination route to be more accurate.

  • Bright Dawn Bus Facilities

With class and various advanced technologies embedded in each bus, the facilities on this bus are clearly able to pamper passengers during the trip.

In fact, some facilities are very difficult to find on other buses, of course this is an advantage for you.

The following are the facilities for the Terang Fajar Bus that passengers get.

  • Full AC
  • Air dispenser
  • Free Heavy Food
  • television
  • Karaoke
  • Dock Charger
  • pillow
  • Blanket
  • Toilet

Latest Bright Dawn Bus Ticket Prices

Route Bus Class Price (Rp)
Blora – Bogor VIP AC 160,000 – 185,000
Jakarta – Bogor VIP AC 160,000 – 185,000
Tangerang – Blora VIP AC 160,000 – 185,000
Bekasi – Cepu VIP AC 160,000 – 185,000
Cepu – Tangerang VIP AC 160,000 – 185,000

NB: Terang Fajar bus ticket prices can change at any time without prior notice.

List of Nearest Dawn Bus Agents

Bus Terang Fajar is one of the new transportation service providers.

This is what makes this bus not too many agents that you can visit or contact.

However, you can visit or contact the Bus Terang Fajar head office for more detailed information.

The following is one of the Bright Fajar Bus agents that you can contact:

Bright Dawn Bus Contact

  • Address : Jl. Cakung Industri Selatan 1 No.12, Kec. Cilincing, North Jakarta City
  • Phone : 021-44850255 / 08111 99687
  • Website :


Well, that’s important information you should know about Bus Terang Fajar. May be useful!

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