Princess Sarah was asked whether she was still Syamsul Yusof’s wife or not.  This Is Once He Responds To People Who Ask That – two.e-kesah
Princess Sarah was asked whether she was still Syamsul Yusof’s wife or not. This Is Once He Responds To People Who Ask That – two.e-kesah

Princess Sarah was asked whether she was still Syamsul Yusof’s wife or not. This Is Once He Responds To People Who Ask That – two.e-kesah

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Just now Princess Sarah Liyana was telling herself that she is now calm from the disturbance of the evil ‘element’, suddenly recently she received bad comments.

“What is your status? Still wife or not hanging without a rope.

“I sent a message to an acquaintance who is interested in you as his idol artist, but he is right, what is your status?” the individual question.

Sarah replied: “My status is to sue people.”

His identity cannot be identified and even his profile photo does not use his real face.

Scary too what Sarah replied. Yes, anyone who does not get angry when receiving comments like that.

Because of these inviting comments, many people criticized the individual and there was even an assumption that the account was run by a woman who claimed to be the third person in Sarah’s household.

How long do they want to interfere with other people’s lives? Don’t you have work to do or is it a hobby that you enjoy messing with people’s lives?

Be patient Sarah, life is cruel and I wish more truth was revealed.

‘All this time people remember I’m beautiful’ – Princess Sarah


Actress Puteri Sarah, 37, described her role in the drama Sabarlah Duhai Hati on TV3 last year as the first step for her to become known as an actress and continue to earn her place in the entertainment industry.

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Princess Sarah said it was during her years as an actress that it was only now that people really saw her talent and she was no longer just labeled as looking beautiful.

“After a long break of six years, from last year to now, Alhamdulillah I am very active in the acting world. Since the drama Sabarlah Duhai Hati in the Acacia TV3 slot with Amyra Rosli and Saharul Ridzwan, people only see (acting talent).

“So far, people seem to see Sarah as beautiful. I really want people to appreciate and accept my acting talent. Thank God, my opportunity to act in Ayat Dari Langit with Rashid Sibir is getting more and more views.

“So, now I want to develop this acting talent and suddenly there is a sustenance for acting in theater as well and I really want to. Although at first I thought I wanted to take a short break from work,” he said.

Putri Sarah said that since returning from performing Umrah last May, until now she has been getting offers to act.

“The acting offers that I received ‘back to back’ have not stopped until now. Thank God the children’s sustenance. Although I plan to go on vacation in October, but there is also a theater,” he said.

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Puteri Sarah will be involved in the Maduku Terpaling Kalut theater, which began rehearsing since September 1, which has also been presented by Azrel Ismail, Anna Jobling and many others.

Princess Sarah finally reveals another ‘dark side’ of her marriage with Syamsul Yusuf

Although the heat about Princess Sarah and her husband’s crisis has subsided, many are still waiting for the end of their fate.

4 years of patience is not an easy journey, finally the actor chose to rise from sadness for the future of himself and his children.

This includes bringing legal action against the third party causing the disturbance.

At that time Shaykhul was only 2 years old, he didn’t know anything… Oh my God, I’m a bad mother

Along with Nona’s interview a few days ago, Princess Sarah shared another ‘dark side’ she experienced while struggling with heavy accusations.

He couldn’t hold back his tears as he recalled the bitter memories of how he had accidentally been rude to his eldest son, Sheikhul Islam.

Because it gets Tempias emphasize his mother, the little one who doesn’t understand anything sometimes feels like he’s no longer loved.

I thought I wasn’t pretty, so bad that I was down very

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Not only emotional, his health was also affected so that he could not give breast milk to Sumayyah until he was 2 years old.

As a highly educated person, Putri Sarah admitted that she used to be very confident. But the test of the presence of a third person in her marriage to her husband changed everything.

Last question…Who is Ira Kazar to you?

In the last question, the host asked who Ira Kazar was from Princess Sarah’s eyes.

However, the drama actor ‘Ayat Dari Langit’ kept his mouth shut and did not give further answers.

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