Proven Funds Generating Application Paying Directly To Account
Proven Funds Generating Application Paying Directly To Account

Proven Funds Generating Application Paying Directly To Account

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Fund Balance Generator App – Many people like to play smartphone in their spare time. Playing a smartphone can also help reduce stress due to a busy work schedule.

However, who would have thought if technological advances made mobile applications appear with various types, so that some could make money.

The money obtained from the application can be disbursed into credit, through bank accounts, vouchers, to electronic wallets such as DANA, and others.

Well, in our article this time, we will discuss the DANA Balance Generating Application which is indeed being targeted by magers.

Recommendations for Proven Paying Fund Balance Generator Applications

fund balance generator app

1. Read Plus

read plus make money

The first is a news application that can make money at the same time, namely Baca Plus.

At first this platform was a site to write articles, then earn money from writing, but now it has turned into a news reading platform.

Only by reading the news, Baca Plus account holders can get coins that can be exchanged into Fund balances.

To get more coins, users have to invite many friends to download this money making app.

Of course after downloading, you have to register an account and enter the code from your account, so the coins will be added automatically.

2. Cat News

news cat

Besides Baca Plus, there is also NewsCat which is a news and money-making app.

The collected coins can not only be converted in the form of a Fund balance, but can be exchanged in the form of credit, gopay vouchers, smartphones, to cash distributed through banks.

Well, how to get these coins is very easy, just by registering an account you can get 10,000 coins.

Coins will continue to grow if the user performs various missions, such as inviting friends, reading news, and watching news videos.

3. Tired


Well, this one application does not require a mission to invite friends to get coins. Caping is a platform that provides quality, trusted and educational news.

Not only in the form of articles, Caping also conveys news in the form of videos to make it easier to understand and not boring.

You can call it a Funds balance generating application, because by reading or watching the news, users will earn coins.

The collected coins can then be converted into digital wallet balances or funds.

4. TikTok Lite

tik tok lite

How is TikTok Lite different from regular TikTok? Both are the fastest Fund balance generating applications in 2021.

However, TikTok Lite is more limited in the choice of video editing features. However, the mission of these two apps to earn coins is more or less the same, namely by watching videos, uploading videos, inviting friends, and participating in reward events.

The size of this application is smaller than regular TikTok, so for those of you who don’t have enough storage space, TikTok Lite can be an alternative choice.

5. Like Lite

like lite

Likeit is an application that is almost similar to TikTok, in that it can even generate coins which are then converted into Dana sados ​​as well.

Well, the way to get coins is to download Likeit Lite on the Google Play Store, then register an account.

Furthermore, you can invite some friends to do the same.

Coins are automatically added when inviting friends, watching videos and uploading interesting videos.

We recommend that you collect as many coins as possible, so that when converted in the form of a Fund balance, it will become a lot of money too.

6. Hello


There is also a Fund balance generating application which was just released in April 2021, namely Helo. Platforms for sharing photos, videos or status uploads are not yet very popular, because they are still very new.

However, you can use it to earn income, by inviting friends via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and others, to download Helo.

In addition to inviting friends, also do activities such as reading and watching other people’s uploads, so that your coins increase every minute. Collected coins can be exchanged for Fund balance.

7. Resso


The next Dana balance generating application is Resso. While not as popular as TikTok and Snack Video, these apps can make a lot of money.

Both new users and users who invite friends to download Resso, will get the same points.

These points can later be converted into the Dana into money application.

In addition, users can get more points from Resso’s interesting events.

Resso is not only a song player app, but also a money making app. Fun is not it? Earn money while listening to your favorite songs.

8. TikTok

tik tok

Who doesn’t know TikTok? This application is quite popular among young people to adults.

Now there are many ways to earn coins from TikTok, such as watching videos, uploading videos, inviting friends, to participating in gift sharing events from TikTok.

In fact, each event usually gives TikTok a prize of IDR 1,000,000 for 1 lucky user.

Well, the coins that you collect on TikTok can be exchanged into Fund balances, then you can use them to buy food, shop for daily necessities, buy credit, and so on.

Just by playing the exciting TikTok application, you can earn a lot of money, you know.

9. Snack Videos

snack videos

Familiar with this one application? Video Snack ads often appear on several digital platforms, so many people are familiar with them.

Well, Snack Video has several missions to do to earn coins, including watching videos all the time, uploading videos, logging in once a day, and inviting friends to download Video Snack.

Many have used this Fund balance generating application, because it is proven that by exchanging a lot of coins, you will get a lot of Fund balance.

The most coins from Snack Video are earned by inviting friends, so invite as many friends as possible to join in making money from Snack Video!

10. VidNow


This money-making application is relatively new, but many have used it as a fund generator. Just by watching videos on Youtube, you can earn points on VidNow.

To get more points, invite your friends to install this Dana balance generating application, then enter your invitation code when registering an account.

Now, if you have accumulated enough points, you can convert these points into a Fund balance which can then be used for shopping or other things.

However, you need to be careful, VidNow is still an illegal application, so there can be misuse of personal data stored on your smartphone.

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By completing each daily mission from the DANA balance generating application above, you can get pocket money only with a smartphone and an internet network.

In addition, the potential for money generated is also very large if you invite more friends.

That’s a review regarding the DANA balance generating application, of the four applications that we recommend you can try one or all of them. This will allow you to get a bigger balance.

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