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Shadow Knight MOD APK

Shadow Knight MOD APK

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The Shadow Knight MOD APK (God Mode) version that I gave will help you get a lot of advantages in battle.

Shadow Knight Introduction

Like the first version, Shadow Knight retains role-playing combined with adventure. The unique combination with top-notch graphics that this game brings will quickly conquer players.

Although Shadow Knight is considered to be an improvement over its predecessor, with improved content and features, the game promises to bring more adventures and more aggressive combat.

Shadow Knight MOD APK


The story of Shadow Knight begins in a fantasy world called Harmonia. It is home to many races, including humans, orcs, ghosts, beasts, undead, elves… Each race has its own territory and peaceful coexistence.

Before long, ambitions began to rise. As a result, tragedy befalls Harmonia, which plunges everything into darkness and war.

In order not to let the beautiful land become more and more tired and die, the dark knight decided to rediscover the light of this land. Peace still exists somewhere far away. On the way to find it, the knight must fight against evil enemies and a series of epic monsters.


Join Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure, you will turn into a dark knight with a brave heart and great strength.

Take part in a fantasy adventure story and immerse yourself in endless battles in the dark. There are many tasks to complete every day. You have to be mentally prepared to always be ready to go on an adventure through the jungle, ghost town, dungeons. There are always challenges and monsters, zombies and deadly traps waiting for you.

Don’t be subjective with the boss at the end of the dungeon. Not only were they strong, but they also possessed incredible fighting speed. Just a little daze, your character can die instantly.

Shadow Knight has more than 100 types of achievements that you can conquer. Apart from that, you also get valuable rewards like gems, keys or energy.

Weapons and Items

This is an unequal battle between the forces of darkness and you alone. To defeat thousands of enemies, you must choose a suitable and powerful weapon for yourself.

Shadow Knight has an arsenal and armor that you can collect. They are great helpers to help you achieve your goals on your journey to conquer Harmonia.

Through the gates you get good weapons and equipment. And if you are not satisfied, you can use gold or gems to buy them in the shop.

On the other hand, the gear types are also divided into levels and can be upgraded. The higher the level, the greater the damage, while the combat effects are also more beautiful.


True to its name, the scenery around Shadow Knight was dark and gloomy. Although only developed on 2D graphics, the effects are carefully designed, ranging from smoke, splashes, fog and colorful wonders.

The characters in this game are not completely recreated. Sometimes you feel like you’re seeing a character’s shadow. If you’ve played games like Shadow of Death 2, Stickman Legends, you’ll notice that Shadow Knight’s graphics and rendering are somewhat similar.

MOD APK version of Shadow Knight

MOD Features

god mode

Download Shadow Knight MOD APK For Android

Overall, Shadow Knight is an interesting and addictive role-playing game. Bloody combat, fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay, and lots of other fun stuff will keep you from wanting to take your eyes off the screen.

Harmonia needs you now! Are you ready to download the game and find the lost peace?

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