The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4917 (Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4917)
The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4917 (Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4917)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4917 (Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4917)

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deeper After the family of three returned to the hotel, Elaine received the business card information that Jovie had pushed.

The other party’s nickname is “Grateful Heart”. Judging from the portrait of her head, it was probably a woman in her 40s who was very well groomed.

Moreover, the portrait photo was taken by a very luxurious private jet.

After all, Elaine was also a person on a private jet. The luxurious trip to the United States was unforgettable for him.

Therefore, when he saw this woman’s head, he instinctively thought that this woman must be very strong.

So, he quietly returned to his room, added the other party’s friend, and wrote “Hello, I’m Sister Jovie’s friend.”

Once the message is sent, the other party quickly approves the friend app. Then the other party sent her a smile, followed by a voice message: “Hello, are you Elaine?”

Elaine quickly replied: “It’s me, Sister Jovie should have told you. Right? I happened to be flying from New York to Hong Kong Island this Sunday, and then back to the mainland.” It

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the other party replied, “Oh, that’s good, then we should all be on the same flight. By the way, are you first class or economy? Cabin?”

Elaine said hastily, “My son-in-law bought me a first-class cabin.” It

the other party smiled and said: “Good, I also bought a first-class cabin, and then we can check-in together after we meet at the airport. Choose a seat closer.”

“Okay, okay.” Elaine agreed with a smile, and then asked, “I don’t know what your name is?” It

the other party answered, and my name was Stella.

Elaine smiled. He said, “Oh, this name is not common!”

The other party smiled and said, “It’s okay, one of my cousins ​​is in the beverage business. He is very famous in China. You should have heard of him. ” After

After that, the other party sent a character encyclopedia. Elaine clicked to see it. Not afraid at all!

In the Encyclopedia, the rich surnamed Zong is the king of famous drinks, with a family asset of more than 100 billion, and it is still US dollars!

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Elaine was engulfed in turbulent waves, and couldn’t help but ask: “OMG, is this boss Zong your relative?”

“Yes.” The woman who claimed to be Stella said very condescendingly: “But the two of us brothers are far apart, and our family business isn’t as big as the others. People

My family’s family assets have exceeded 100 billion US dollars. Our family is only a few billion US dollars, not even a small part of other people’s families. It is too far away, compared to others, it is really the difference between clouds and mud, and it is not worth mentioning. “

Speaking, the other party said: “If you don’t mention that my surname is very rare, I won’t tell you about this relationship, after all, this is a distant relative, and I always talk about it with other people, and it seems that I am someone .” Some fake foxes. “

Hearing the other party’s words, Elaine’s heart was filled with admiration for this woman named Stella.

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In his opinion, some people’s decency is fake modesty and true pride, while some people’s courtesy is He is really humble and not arrogant, and Stella is the last. Even though he

worth billions of dollars, he still calls himself worthless. This kind of humility is unheard of.

Elaine couldn’t help but sigh: “The gap between this person and others is indeed very big! I was crazy about carrying a basic Hermès and taking a private jet drawn by lottery. I did not expect that the value of billions of dollars of people would be so low.


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