The film Mat Kilau promises a different experience for the audience
The film Mat Kilau promises a different experience for the audience

The film Mat Kilau promises a different experience for the audience

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BANGI, 23 Zulkaedah 1443H, Thursday – The film Mat Kilau – Kebangkitan Pahlawan which started showing in national cinemas today promises a different experience and satisfaction for the audience who watched the epic film.

The reason is, the historical reality story that is lifted to the silver screen is guaranteed to be able to lift the ‘hair of Rome’ for those who watch it, in addition to encouraging the love of religion and race.

Film producer Mat Kilau, Abdul Rahman Mat Dali said, not only in his story, but the figure of a man who is referred to as a ‘hero’ will provide inspiration and an example of the spirit of former fighters during independence and state sovereignty. country is challenged.

“Perhaps many gave up and were afraid after seeing the enemy.

“But in the context of Mat Kilau is a person who does not want to submit to the clutches of outsiders who suddenly come uninvited,” he said in a special interview with TV Pertiwi.

Even more interesting, the Director and owner of Studio Kembara said, this film is in accordance with the exposure, level of thought and the extent to which the audience cares about issues that occurred then and now.

“This Luster Mat features a perfect character. Willing to defend the homeland even willing to struggle.

“He could have made the choice to accept the power of the world at the time, but he chose to oppose and challenge,” he said.

In the context of the country’s history, said Abdul Rahman, there are many more fighters like Mat Kilau, therefore his party wants to present more inspiring figures.

“Studio Kembara’s goal is to create content now and in the future, which is the hope of realizing our dream so that we become a nation that is respected, dignified and has self-respect,” he said.

The film Mat Kilau is set in 1892 when British colonialists occupied land in Pahang. The British harvested Pahang land belonging to the Malays and interfered with Malay customs and religion.

The film cost RM 8 million and was filmed for 100 days featuring big stars Datuk Adi Putra (Mat Kilau), Wan Hanafi Su as Mat Kilau’s father, namely Tok Gajah, Beto Kusyairy (Wahid), Khir Rahman (Usup), Fattah Amin (Awang) and Johan As’ari (Yassin).

Besides that, foreign actors were also lined up, namely an actor from Indonesia, Yayan Ruhian.

Watch the full interview here;

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